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The Blonde Hair Dictionary

The Blonde Hair Dictionary

The Blonde Hair Dictionary

We are taking you transversely the vast Blonde Hair Dictionary from the lightest high wattage shades to the darkest, coolest gloom. Obtain your bookmarking finger prepared so you know precisely what to ask for at your next hair rendezvous.

White BlondeBlond Hair

A white out may seem intimidating, but Rita Ora’s coif is testimony that all you require is a red lip.
Golden Platinum Blonde: The essence of Old Hollywood glam, Gwen Stefani’s autograph shade is her covert to that luminous blaze.

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Silver BlondeBlond Hair

Elie Goulding gives fair-haired a grave metal twist with this sterling gloom.
Pale Golden Blonde: Amanda Seyfried’s hushed—and therefore extra natural—get on golden blonde gleams next to her porcelain skin.

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Root-y BlondeBlond Hair

Rihanna confirms there’s nothing incorrect with skipping a color date.
Icy-Highlights Blonde: Scarlett Johansson has not at all looked fiercer thanks to the horde of haughty wattage highlights in her newest ‘do.

Beach BlondeBlond Hair

Blake Lively’s sun-kissed highlights are presently faint enough to trick you into thinking they are actual.
Light Strawberry Blonde: We forever overlook Emma Stone is a usual blonde! She may have even been born with this squishy, reddish shade.

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Rose Gold BlondeBlond Hair

Sienna Miller strolls a chic line among pink and blonde without its emotion too in your face.
Café Au Lait Blonde: Taylor Swift’s neutral beige gloom is a welcome substitute to the great bottled blonde of her former years.

Gray BlondeBlond Hair

Cara Delevingne’s ashy blonde is passive and makes her prominent facial skin pop.

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Copper BlondeBlond Hair

Kate Bosworth lightens up the red-brown shade for an edgier get on strawberry fair-haired.

Caramel BlondeBlond Hair

Ciara’s skin not at all looked extra glowy thanks to her lob’s aureate layers.


Beyoncé abandoned her ombré in a good turn of the final brownish blonde and we love the extra natural loom.

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Practically-Brunette BlondeBlond Hair

In especially cool French girl fashion, Clémence Poésy dons a nearly brown shade that brings the play.

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