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The Best Skin Treatments for Your Skin Type

The Best Skin Treatments for Your Skin Type

Skin Treatments

Whether you have skin that is oily, dry, sensitive, normal, or a combination of the four, most of us can agree that finding a skin treatment solution isn’t as easy as it sounds. For one, our skin types can change depending on many different factors, such as our stress levels and the environment we are staying.

However, it’s important that we keep on top of our skincare regimen and adapt it to fit our skin type. By doing so, your skin will look healthy and stay supple for as long as possible. Here is how to identify your skin type and give it the best skin treatments.

What Is My Skin Type

There are four categories of skin types that most people fall under normal, oily, dry, and sensitive. However, the difficulty in identifying a person’s skin type is due to how many factors can affect it. Hormones, skin disorders, diet, stress, climate, and pollution can all influence your skin type.

Also, you may have oily skin in certain areas of your face, while others are dry. This can complicate things further, but you can still get a good idea of your type by testing it yourself. First, let’s explain what each skin type means:

1. Oily

Natural Skin Treatments

An oily skin type has excess oil (technically known as sebum) on the face and can feel greasy after only a couple of hours after washing. The pores are usually clogged and prone to nasty pimples and cystic zits.

2. Dry

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Dry skin types have a lack of moisture in their skin, which can lead to flaking and irritated skin. Dry skin can also be a sign of eczema (a term for different types of skin swelling). The skin may feel rough and even painful in some cases.

3. Normal

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Normal skin types have skin that is neither dry nor oily, and it has barely visible pores. The complexion is typically radiant, and they have very few imperfections. While normal skin types are easier to treat, it is still crucial that they have a regular skin regimen.

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4. Combination

Homemade Face Mask for Glowing Skin

Combination skin types will have oily skin in one area of the face and dry skin in another. For example, the “T-zone” may be oily, while other areas need moisture. This can be difficult to manage as it requires different types of treatment.

5. Sensitive

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Sensitive skin types are susceptible to rashes and irritated skin, especially if they use products that have harmful ingredients in them. People with these skin types need to take extra care in choosing their skincare products, especially if they have allergies that are set off by ingredients in their skincare products.

How Do I Treat My Skin?

Once you have identified your skin type, you will need to figure out the best skincare formula for it. This will involve a bit of experimentation to get it just right, but you can start with some general rules for skin treatment:

Treating Oily Skin

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Oily skin types should choose a gentle cleanser and use it to wash their face twice a day. This will help stabilize your oil levels. Also, it is important to keep in mind that having oily skin doesn’t mean that you don’t need a moisturizer. Dehydrated skin can stress out your oil glands and make them produce more oil. Because of this, oily skin types should stick with an oil-control moisturizer that won’t make their face feel greasy.

Treating Dry Skin

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Those with dry skin types need to get moisture into their skin; otherwise, they may be more susceptible to premature wrinkles and lines. To do this, you first need to clear away the dead skin cells with an exfoliant and moisturizer with cream that contains essential oils.

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Treating Normal Skin

Skin Issue Diabetes Symptom

Normal skin types don’t need any elaborate skincare regimen, but they still require an excellent moisturizer that will keep their skin supple. Select a moisturizer that is neither too thick or greasy, and that contains powerful antioxidants to reduce the aging process.

One amazing moisturizer is the Diamond Infused HYDRA-AM Moisture Complex Cream from Forever Flawless. Full of rich botanicals and milk proteins, this moisturizer, will help lock in moisture to your skin and keep your complexion looking radiant. You can order from them online or find a store near you if you need that moisturizer as soon as possible.

Treating Combination Skin

Rice Powder For Beautiful Skin

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Unfortunately, combination skin types have to get good at their routine by spot-treating different areas of their face. They may need an excellent exfoliator to use on their cheeks and jawline, while also using an oil-free moisturizer on their T-zone. There are some products out there that are designed to work on both, and this will require some experimenting to find the right product.

Treating Sensitive Skin


The best way to treat sensitive skin is by doing your research and only choosing all-natural skincare products. Some key ingredients to staying away from including those with fragrances, parabens, and dyes.

How Else Can I Help My Skin?

Genetics make it so that we don’t always have control over what our skin can look like. However, there are some things that you can do for your skin to make it look as radiant as possible:

Eat Right

get perfect and Glowing Skin

Diet plays an enormous role in making your skin look great. Eating a healthy diet that is packed with anti-oxidants can not only help slow down the aging process but also keep acne at bay.

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Beautiful Glowing Skin

All skin types should be moisturizing their skin. Keeping it hydrated will help retain its elasticity so that it looks firm even in your older years.

Use Sunscreen

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No matter what skin type you have, it is critical that you wear sunscreen. The sun’s harmful rays can take its toll on skin and age it dramatically.

Keep Your Skin Healthy with the Right Treatment

It may seem like a lot of trouble if you have a difficult skin type, but figuring out the best treatment for you skin is vital to your health and your skin’s appearance. By treating your skin properly, you can prevent many common problems such as acne and wrinkles that can take their toll on your self-esteem. Beautiful skin never goes out of style, and it’s important that we take care of it properly.

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