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The 5 Unexpected Things Successful Leaders Make Time for Every Month

The 5 Unexpected Things Successful Leaders Make Time for Every Month

It is a great achievement to become a successful leader but do you know? What successful leaders do get success? Here I am going to tell you five unexpected things successful leaders make time for every month. In today’s community environment, leaders’ calendars are filled with meetings and conference calls along with self-imposed demands to multi-task while participating in those discussions. Finding a spare time is a challenge. But, if a calendar is a sign of our priorities, we should include the five essential activities that keep real leadership at the forefront. Let’s know about these activities.

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1. Time to Strategize

Be StrongeWhen you’re the leader, your duty is to put up a grand strategy and motivate your people to follow it. That means you have to know what your strategy is, refinement of your plan should regularly be so it remains appropriate to up to date conditions. That can quickly go by the wayside as it’s not a checkbox on a do-list, and it’s not a one-step chore. It takes time, thought, research and chat with others. And it will only happen if you block off time for it.

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2. Time to Thank and Acknowledge

BusinessmanAs a leader, you are accountable for inspiring your team to get their goals in support of the team’s vision. A Harris Interactive study performed for Glassdoor originated that 53% of employees would stay with their company for a long time if they felt more cherished by their manager. 81% said they are provoked to work harder when their boss shows admiration for their work. Show your thanks and praise them, it wills a positive impact on your staff work, and your progress will improve.

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3. Time to Meet with Clients

Shaking hands for Business RelationshipDespite your role, you have clients (internal or external), and as a leader, you have to spend a great time with them, not just in scheduled meetings to talk about projects or present deliverables. You should talk to them. This is the input to supporting relationships, considering what’s on their minds, and discriminating what’s essential for them. They want to know that you value them and that you continually look for ways to meet or beat their expectations.

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4. Time to Focus

Be StrongeNowadays, we’re predictable to go, go, go and do, do, do. If you don’t work hard, you will not get success. So it’s tough to do things that don’t deliver current output. It feels like you’re goofing off if you’re sitting back in your chair without a telephone in your hand or your fingers attached to a keyboard. As a leader, focused thinking is necessary. Spending a small amount of time getting centered and being mindful will make you more creative in tackling all the other items on your calendar (and it might make you cancel some of them). Mindfulness is the practice of intentionally focusing your attention on the present moment. According to a Harvard, guide mindfulness is an essential part of cheerfulness. It:

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  • Lets you to become completely busy in activities
  • Creates a better ability to deal with unpleasant events
  • Makes it less likely that you’ll get caught up in doubts about the future or regrets over the past
  • Makes you better capable of forming deep connections with others.

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That seems like time well-spent, right?

5. Time to De-stress

three Business womenLet’s face it. Leadership often comes with many accountabilities and pressure. That can become the reason of anxiety. And anxiety can be critical. Having a routine and daily stress can affect your work. If you book every minute of every day with meetings and conference calls, you don’t possess the short bursts of time that are serious to de-stressing. And the great news is that this calendar entry need not be an hour long. Some de-stressing can happen in just a minute or two. Here’s my favorite Zen-producing activity – and it can fulfill in less than two minutes.

It’s easy to get caught up in the action-oriented culture of business – but altering the state of mind is necessary to get success and achievement. Transform your goal from completing hundreds of tasks to focusing on the few things that will help you prosper as a leader. By adding these five entries to your calendar, you’re taking the first step toward right leadership.

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