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The 2007 World Cup in West Indies

The 2007 World Cup in West Indies

2007 Cricket World Cup History

In the previous article, we have briefly described the World Cup 2003, now this article on world Cup 2007 all information related to this tournament is mention below.

Australia victory in a World Cup

9th World Cup
Total Teams: 16
New teams: Bermuda, Canada, Holland, Ireland, Kenya and Scotland

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The experiences of 1999 and 2003 were got and thus the Super Eights qualifying system was four groups of four. Though the promotion men were gone gawping as Pakistan and India unsuccessful to make it through the initial round, Ireland, and Bangladesh captivating their places. Whereas that excited the neutrals, it reasons a spell of never yet again graph from Dubai and Asia. The only points passed were the ones next to the other successive from the similar group, which as a minimum should have given the next round a number of meanings.

2007 World Cup

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Actually, this was the first World Cup to use Power plays that sideways; it was appealing much as previous to.

Early Running

When West Indies thrash Pakistan in the tournament opening match, only some supposed what was to pursue, equally on and off the field, and in conditions of a series of terrible matches. Pakistan was abolished in their next match after contrive to mislay by three wickets against Ireland, an effect completely outshined by the passing away hours later of Pakistani’s coach Bob Woolmer. The entire tournament was astonished and then terrified into doubt when Jamaica’s law enforcement claimed that is not sudden death he had been murdered. It twisted out he had not, but belongings never recovered. India, in the meantime, were well compressed by Bangladesh and then sent stuffing by Sri Lanka. England and New Zealand went throughout from C Group. England good manners of succeeded over Kenya and Canada while South Africa and Australia hardly broke fret in a group including Netherlands and Scotland.

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Super Eights

Ireland and Bangladesh’s qualification destined that, in practicality, the semi-finals were among four of six, and with team England and the hosts gazing all at sea the exhilaration was negligible. Of 24 matches only three were slightly tense, the top the first and last, South Africa vs. England and a worthless fight among West Indies and England with Brian Lara’s ducked out.

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The Semis

2007 World Cup

New Zealand and Sri Lanka thrash by 81 runs that’s all by the way of Mahela Jayawardene’s 115 not out and New Zealand team were for eternity fine behind the clock. Australia lashed South Africa, who one another time shocked, deafening to 27 for 5 before hobbling to 149, Australia ambled home with 18 overs to extra.

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The Final

The top two sides completed the final, but the ridiculous scenes at the ending of the game summed up the absolute dump that more or less for everyone, other than the persistently cheerful ICC, knew the competition had become. Australian Adam Gilchrist punched 149 just off 104 balls still that were masked in disagreement as he owned up to by means of a squash ball within his glove as a help, as Australia made score 281 for 4 in a rain condensed 38 overs. Sri Lanka pursued readily and as Sanatah Jayasuriya and Kumar Sangakkara additional 116 runs for the second wicket they were in with a yell but they knock down in rapid sequence and then force go down in the murkiness. The referees left the ground for poor light as Australia distinguished but then the administrators, amid scenes with left cricket a smiling stash, they brought the players back on. By the finish, no one could observe what was occurring in the center.

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Last Hurrah

2007 World Cup

A few large games deceased .Australian Glenn McGrath goes on a far above the ground with a third victory medal and the man of the contest award. And the incredible batsman Pakistani’s Inzamam-ul-Haq left in tears after his losing against Zimbabwe, the force of the captaincy and also sudden and shocking Woolmer’s death all moreover. Lara may have felt like howling after being left tall and dry by Marlon Samuels in the facade of a complete house in Barbados.

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In the next article, we have briefly described  the World Cup 2011.

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