The 2003 World Cup in South Africa

2003 Cricket World Cup History

In the previous article, we have briefly described the World Cup 1999, now in the article. The 2003 World Cup in South Africa will explain all information related to this tournament.

Superb Australia leaves others Sprawling

8th World Cup
Total Teams: 14
New Teams: Holland, Canada, and Namibia

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2003 World Cup

The managers all but unnoticed the lessons erudite from 1999 world cup and continued with the old Super Six set-up, even though they attempted to level things out by changing how points got in the group point were approved through. It was still to confirm flawed as boycotts of games in Zimbabwe and Kenya, on safety and political grounds, twisted the points a lot that Kenya arrived at the semi-finals good manners of wins over Canada, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

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The overstuffed schedule resultant from an augment from 12 teams from 14 led to distant to several worthless one-sided games. “It was just too large and too extended,” Wisden well-known, and at more than six weeks it was stiff to oppose. The additional matches also compulsory preserve days to be crumbed even though the antagonism was being seized delayed in South Africa‘s cricketing history, as a result of two tough disasters which efficiently eradicated Pakistan and West Indies. The trial with using Hawkeye trialed in the Cricket Champions Trophy an only some months previous was not sustained. Transmit chucking made its initial look.

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Early Running

2003 World Cup

The contest got off to an effort with an immense game among South Africa and West Indies. At the instance, the home side’s beat seemed a mere hitch; a ludicrous fault in their last group game inevitable that it donated to their early on exit, with an ensuing tailing off in restricted importance. Canada momentarily enlivened dealings when they defeat the Bangladesh, even though Bangladesh’s succeeding performances emphasized how unfortunate a side they were. Kenya went through to the Super Sixes by good manners of win they were passed when New Zealand declined to play in Nairobi, but whatsoever the situation and their achievement offered some meet highlights. Zimbabwe growth due to England’s refuse of Harare and the points they acquired in the deserted game against Pakistan, but there each move was surpassed by internal politics.

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Super Six

Australia was every part of but assured a semi-final came in previous to them in progress, like Sri Lanka, and Kenya only had to defeat a Zimbabwe side whose confidence was in the plummet to do the equivalent. India attached those three with persuasive successes in every their Super Six games. But as the attendance of two new teams satisfied the neutrals, the lack of so many gigantic names, as well as the crowd nation, many inescapable matches were played out alongside a backdrop of unfilled stands.

The Semis

2003 World Cup

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For each pre-match hype, India was by no means going to slip up alongside a keen but imperfect Kenyan team, particularly in the face of a capacity swarm that outnumbered the Africans by concerning hundred to one. Indian batsmen Sourav Ganguly made a hundred and since then on the players did slightly extra than went throughout the motions. Australia endured a little uneasy moment to see off Sri Lanka team, with Brett Lee re-establishing the world classified later than Australia had shuffled to 212 for 7. Even though rain finished the match before time, the outcome had extended since been known.

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The Final

2003 World Cup

In its mode, this was as single sided as 1999, except this time the crowd was delighted to a banquet of batting ahead of a 2nd half that was just increasingly going to go during the actions. So savage was the show aggression led by Ricky Ponting made 140 not out off 121 balls with his partner support by and Adam Gilchrist and Damien Martyn that Australia ‘s 359 for 2 was by no means under danger. Ganguly’s team went down with guns burning, though a rain crack, led by Ponting greatly and asking his spinners to chase through overs to guarantee a result, did momentarily mix the crowd. Australians were the deserving success, and dissimilar 1999, they conquered all the way through. Michael Bevan got his 2nd winner’s medal, simple work for a gentleman who was not called upon to bowl or bat also in final.

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In the next article, we have briefly described  the World Cup 2007

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