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The 1999 World Cup in England

The 1999 World Cup in England

1999 Cricket World Cup History

In the previous article, we have briefly described  the World Cup 1996, now this article on world Cup 1999 all information related to this tournament is mention below.

Australia Won the Final

7th World Cup
Total Teams: 12

New Teams: Scotland, Bangladesh, and Kenya

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Circket World Cup Match Between Australia and England

Not too much tinkering as a full revamp. The 12 applicants were dividing into two groups, and the peak three in every group qualified into the Super Six team, moving with them the positions they had got next to the two teams who also had capable from their group. Then they played with the qualifying team from the other opposite league, forming a final every played all group table, with the peak four qualifying into semi-finals. Are you confused? The majority people were.

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The Super Sixes were sufficient for each one. The faults turn out to be clearly noticeable as swabbed out matches tilted the groups, and someway Zimbabwe qualified at the peak of their league as their beats in the initial stage came next sides that were eradicated. The controllers also hit on the plan of placing on an opening event so terrible as to create people extended for the excessive buildup of three years before.

Early Running

Legends of Cricket History lillee

Australia, the top at the rank, but struggled, one match losing to Pakistan and also New Zealand, and after that required to win each game to shun elimination. Though, their match vs. West Indies was a corresponding force, with the multifaceted points system influencing Australia to try for a thin win to make certain both of them went all the way through at New Zealand’s outlay, at one phase, trailing a worthless 111, Australia scored just 12 runs in 10 overs. England, with home benefit, were astonishingly abolished, mostly because Zimbabwe sprung two main upsets, defeating South Africa and India while Sri Lanka, the holders, never remotely looked like staging anything resembling a significant defense. Bangladesh’s beat of Pakistan in a deceased rubber flashed vindicated celebrations, but bottomless doubt has because been direct over the result.

Super Sixes

The system of moving onward points made against further qualifiers intended Zimbabwe skilled the table previous to a game had been played, even though they were packed down in all three matches and removed. India handicapped via qualifying devoid of a point went out despite a credible success over Pakistan; Australia also had to approach from a positioning start, only protecting a semi-final position vs. South Africa with a five-wicket win in their final match against South Africa. Pakistan was at the top of the group; in spite of just winning single Super six-game vs. Zimbabwe. New Zealand was also going throughout with a solitary success.

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Cricket World Cup History

At mature Trafford, Pakistan’s batsmen Saeed Anwar made  (113*) and on the other hand Wajahatullah Wasti made (84) made light of fixing New Zealand’s 241 just for 7 in a 9 wicket win, leave-taking those non-Pakistanis who had remunerated £120 to advertised for a permit a short altered. The other game at Edgbaston was an archetypal, with South Africa apparently guaranteed of success in a see-saw competition when South African Lance Klusener, requiring nine for the success of the last over, crashed with Damien Fleming’s initial two deliveries for four. Klusener attempted a quick single at the fourth ball; Allan Donald ruined to hear his sound of call and that why he was run-out by the half the length of the pitch. Even still the game was tied, Australia arrived at the final as they had completed upper in the Super Sixes.

The Final

“An undeserving match shaped worthy victors,” renowned Wisden Cricket Monthly. The match was keenly predictable, even however the Lord’s mass was more shared than aficionado, but a competition that had in progressed at 11.15, that was half an hour behind, was every over by 4.35 as Pakistan, the mainly thrilling side in the contest, had gone to sections when it mattered nearly all.

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In the next article, we have briefly described the World Cup 2003

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