The 10 Most Gorgeous Hair-Color Ideas for Brunettes

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Coloring your hair is the exquisite tip to enhance the beauty of your hair. According to colorist Marie Robinson, whose customers are Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway, the most excellent shades of brown and black right now are natural and very attractive.Here are the ten most gorgeous hair-color ideas for brunettes.

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1. Beachy brown

This dirty brown color looks very glowing with Emma Watson‘s little haircut,” says Robinson. “It makes her face seem softer.” Watson’s hair is washed two to three shades lighter than her normal color and merged with highlights. “It’s so lightly done that as it develops out, she’s not leaving to get any primary demarcations or root lines,” says Robinson. She also comments that somebody with a layered, wispy cut should let alone leaving too light. It looks good.

2. Caramel brown


This is a beautiful color,” speaks Robinson. But these golden highlights still flatter — and illumine — Jennifer Lopez‘s features because her base is brown. The lightest segments are near the mid-length and the ends. To obtain Lopez’s color, inquire for a light brown base, and put in highlights approximately the face out to the ends, regularly receiving lighter toward the instructions of the layers.

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3. Honey brown

HOLLYWOOD - FEBRUARY 26: Actress Angelina Jolie arrives at the 84th Annual Academy Awards held at the Hollywood & Highland Center on February 26, 2012 in Hollywood, California.

Even though this blonde-brown warms up Angelina Jolie‘s features, Robinson cautions that somebody without her anime lips and outstanding eyes strength has difficulty pulling it off. “A fairer person without significant features or someone who doesn’t wear a set of makeup could acquire cleaned out by this shade,” she says. To obtain this appear, ask for gold and honey highlights merged above a natural medium brown.

4. Golden brown

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“This sunlit, golden brown hair color carries out the color of Natalie Portman’s eyes,” says Robinson. Slight honey and caramel highlights also perk up her features. “The highlights are merged, not streaky, to craft her hair appear hardly sun-kissed,” Robinson suggests this shade for light to olive skin tones. “It inserts color devoid of overdoing it,” she says.

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5. Chestnut brown

“This is the color anybody could have on,” says Robinson. This chestnut brown shade warms up Victoria Beckham’s features and increases her brown eyes. Inquire for a dark brown base and caramel and glow golden-brown highlights to frame the face, mid-length, and trimmings. Robinson says that red highlights are the inputs to this appear. “The red golds add the measurement, creation your hair seem comfortable and chocolatier.”

6. Mahogany


Salina Goomez anxious appear isn’t closely the mainly low-maintenance. “Because the color on this is not rushed through, this could seem similar to a grown-out single procedure on someone who doesn’t forever have their hair completed,” says Robinson. If you’re a dark like Hayek, inquire your colorist to raise your mid-length and ends to two or three shades lighter than your usual color, and to insert a combine of chestnut brown highlights here and there.

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7. Medium ash brown


Mila Kunis operated in her great ombre seem for typical highlights. “These highlights are soft on the ends and are hitting the tips of her layers, which is pleasant because it shows off the outline of the haircut,” says Robinson. This would job finest on a medium to long layered cut. “You would inquire the colorist to work with your natural color, and just highlight the average length and ends subsequent the haircut,” says Robinson. The brown ash environment is flattering, but adjoining warmth to your nature swaps the sandy highlights for caramel.

8. Dark ash brown

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“This is an attractive medium ash brown,” says Robinson. “It creates [Katie Holmes‘s] eyes shine.” When leaving dark, Robinson proposes that it’s significant to remain length—and loftiness—in mind. “When you have lengthy, dark hair and are tall in quantity to that, it appears stylish. But if you’re small, make certain it’s not one length, because it will seem irresistible.” Layering will add an association to your hair and stop it from beating your face and body shape.

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9. Smoky brown


Because this isn’t similar to darkest brown or black, it could appear good on approximately anybody,” says Robinson of Jennifer Hudson’s shade. “It’s not leaving to insert color into your skin, but it is departing to be right frame because it’s a very usual, soft smoky brown,” Robinson advises this shade for shady, olive, or golden skin tones. It could clean out very smooth skin. At the salon, inquire for a partially permanent glossing with color a hardly any shades darker than your usual tone and work from there.

10. Black


Olivia Munn can draw of this deep shade as of her olive features, Robinson says. If you are on the pale side, inquire for your colorist to begin a couple of shades lighter than the color you eventually desire, and regularly go darker. “I never advise you depart as dark as Olivia is at initial. You could forever put another shade on it subsequently if you want to go greater.”

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