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10 Oldest Mosques In The World

Mosque is a place where Muslims are offering prayers five times a day. Mosque is also known as Masjid, and it is an Arabic word and its means “place of worships.”  Islam is a 2nd liberal religion in the world, so mosques are also built…

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10 Most Attractive Women Lawyers

Multi-million women are working as lawyers in the world. But we are exploring just those lawyers women name that is most attractive. The most attractive women Lawyers list is described below. Which names are taken the place of this list you can see after scroll…

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Top 10 Richest Lawyers in the World

Lawyer primarily a person who practices law as an attorney, solicitor, counselor, and barrister. As an agent working involves the practical application of legal knowledge and theories to solve specific person’s specific problems and take interests of those who hire lawyers to perform legal services….

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Billionaire Art Museums

If there are anything and one percent attendance of those people who love collecting life real estate, it is beautiful and good art. But some of them are liked to get the treasure behind steel doors; others share their costly troves with the masses. Here…

World News

US Intel ISIS May Have Passport Printing Machine Blank Passports

US Intel ISIS May Have Passport Printing Machine Blank Passports U.S. and other countries on alert for ISIS attacks, American authorities are announcing the horror group’s followers may have got into American borders with authentic-looking passports ISIS has printed itself with its machines, according to an…

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U.S. conducting serious review of alleged Iran missile test

The United States is analyzing and searching to confirm reports that Iran launched a ballistic missile last month in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power said on Tuesday. “U.S. conducting a serious review of alleged Iran missile…

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FBI Killers had been radicalized for quite some time

The San Bernardino killers had been radicalized “for quite some time” and had taken target practice at area gun ranges, in one instance just days before the attack that left 14 people dead; the FBI said Monday. In an alarming twist, authorities also revealed that…