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Tag: turmeric

Food for Thought

Antioxidants and Exercise: Food for Thought

Much deliberation surrounds the question about how well the body’s natural defense system can combat the free radicals that are released during exercise.  For that reason, many athletes and bodybuilders–along with their trainers–question the use of antioxidants as a means of warding off that 4-5%…

5 Rapid-Recovery Diets

5 Rapid-Recovery Diets

Store your kitchen with these scientifically rapid-recovery diets. Hy readers do you want to know about very healthy rapid recovery diets, which makes you healthy and fit all time. Scientifically these diets had proved for pain decreasing. Store your kitchen with these food items so…

Beef and Celery Stew Rice

Beef and Celery Stew From Turmeric and Saffron

Beef and celery stew is a delicious and healthy Iranian dish. It is a combination of meat, sliced celery, finely chopped parsley, a little bit of mint, fresh squeezed lime juice, and the right amount of seasoning. Read About: 7 Hydrating Watermelon Recipes For Hot Days Beef Thru…

Beauty Tips

One Moment is Only for Me

Good, happy and leading your life happily. One moment is only to me is the fascinating topic.Writing my experience is becomes my favorite hobby now. I was thinking for some days that when I see my elder’s women like my mother, my aunties’ life that…