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Tag: Technology

SSL on Websites

Benefit of SSL on Websites

How Wisely to choose SSL Certificate for own Websites SSL is an abbreviated word for secure sockets layer, which is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between the server and the site. An SSL server ensures that all data passed between the…


5 Best Quran Apps in the Market

Technology has revolutionized the world. It’s high time to adopt this boom to meet our religious needs. In this highly busy world, one thing that we can’t live without is our mobile phone. What can be better than using this tool for learning the Holy…


5 Tips to Avoid Online Fraud

Activities shopping online continues to increase from year to year. We are so often spoiled with a wide variety of goods ranging from clothing appliances to household appliances and to food appliances, where all of it can now be delivered to our doorsteps through online…


5 Devices to Make Healthy Cooking Easy

Fortunately, we live in advance and technical world. Where the modern technology makes our lives easier. Technology is actually reflected in all areas of our lives. Due to technology we can talk with each other by face, indeed, we live in different countries. Look over,…