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Fitness, Health and Care

Best Exercises during Periods

Being a girl is not always fun. Periods can be untidy and painful, and if you are facing the situation of the delayed period. It can be more stressful than having one. You can do the best exercises during periods that have no harmful effect on…

Fitness, Health and Care

Can Exercise Affect Your Period

Everybody knows that exercise is essential for our health with a lot of significant benefits. If you are yoga lover, then it is important for you to know can exercise affect your period or not. Different things can affect the menstrual cycle in girls and women,…

Fitness, Health and Care

Can Climate Change Affect Your Period

A healthy girl has been getting the period since she is 13 and weak one taking in 14 or 15. Women have about 450 periods throughout their lifetimes, which means you’ve ample of probabilities to get aware. In this article you learn about the answer…

Hair Care, Health and Care, Skin Care

Tips for Glowing Skin in Summer

Summer brings problems for skin, hair, and beauty. Most of the people’s skin dreads summer as much as they do. During summer their skins get scorched and give an ugly look which is tough to remove. The most well-known skin problem necessarily seen in the…

Beauty Tips, Health and Care

Everything You Need to Know About Jasmine Oil

Indigenous to the tropical and subtropical regions of Oceania, Australasia, and Eurasia, Jasmine has gotten its name from the Persian word “Yasmin.” If we look back into the history, it was well-known recognized among Chinese, Indians, and Arabians owing to its medicinal values. Later on,…

Health and Care

Top 4 Simple Home Remedies for Oral Thrush

Oral Thrush – What is that? In case you see some white rashes which look strange inside the mouth, it might indicate that you have incurred the condition named thrush. In fact, it is a type of infection which is triggered by the candida fungus…