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2016 Bridal Trends

Wedding trends alter annually, and each season carries fabulous and memorable ensembles. The happiest day of your life must be perfect in every way, which means you must have a gorgeous wedding gown. However, you must pay attention to so many details on the dress,…

Fashion and Style, Style

Tips to Look Slim in Saree

Saree is one such outfit which is appreciated by all Women, and we exactly mean that. But there are handfuls of Women, who no matter how much seek for draping Sarees, don’t choose any option. Do you know the reason why? They are heavy. Yes,…

Fashion and Style, Style

5 Stylish Ways to Pull Off a Jumpsuit

Gone are the days when jumpsuits were tightly associated with working men, farmers, and sportspersons. In the last couple of years, the trend has rapidly spread across the globe and among stylish women looking for some fresh and hip garment choices. Not only are jumpsuits…