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Fitness, Health and Care

Antioxidants and Exercise: Food for Thought

Much deliberation surrounds the question about how well the body’s natural defense system can combat the free radicals that are released during exercise.  For that reason, many athletes and bodybuilders–along with their trainers–question the use of antioxidants as a means of warding off that 4-5%…

Health and Care

8 Foods to Release Stress

Stress Depression and stress are like a quiet assailant that can assault on your anxiety anytime with no letting you know that you have turned into the casualty of depression. But once it begins getting on your anxiety you will launch feeling a bottomless nervousness…

Cake, Cooking, Dessert Recipes

Cake of the Day: Toblerone Ice Cream Cake

The Cake is habitually the dessert of choice for meals at traditional occasions, mainly weddings anniversaries and birthdays. “If you like baking, dessert, and eating, then you come to the right place”. There are various cake recipes, some cake recipes are bread-like, some are rich and many are…