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Celebrities, Hollywood Celebrities

Celebrity Oscars PDA

Celebrity Oscars PDA The Celebrity Oscars PDA, which is now called, The Academy Awards is an annual American function in which various category winners are rewarded for their good performances in different fields. First function was held in 1929. Let we discuss the most popular Celebrity Oscars…

Celebrities, Hollywood Celebrities

Unlikely Celebrity Couples

We really like our all celebrities and their couples also. But some celebrities are not eye-catching for us we don’t like these Celebs,  From Tom Cruise and Cher to Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga, some celebrity couples don’t always look good for us.  Unlikely celebrity couples are listed…

Celebrities, Singers

Akcent Dynamic Entertainer

Akcent, formerly wordplay on accent is a multi-certified, award-winning Romanian dance-pop act whose members sing in Romanian, English, Polish and Spanish. The group consists of Adrian Sînă, the creator of the group. Akcent is a versatile singer whose all love every song. Read About: Britney Spears…