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Cooking, Kids food

Some Tasty Recipes for Kids

Fruity chicken with apricot puree Ingredients 75g chicken breast 150g sweet potato, peel and chopped 2 table spoon of olive oil 1 small onion chopped 1 garlic clove, crush 150ml chicken stock C dried apricot, chopped 150ml pasta Read about: Paleo Italian Chicken Fingers Method First…

Cooking, Health and Care

Cooking with Himalayan Salt Blocks

Pakistani Himalayan Pink Salt Pakistani pink Himalayan salt is a very good food item that is available on this Earth. Contain 84 rich and pure minerals like calcium, sulfur, potassium, magnesium and many others. These crystals are good and essential for healthy life. Pakistani pink…

Cooking, Vegetables and Rice

Asparagus Cashew Rice Pilaf

This is an old Armenian recipe and too much delicious. It is a great way to stretch expensive recurrent asparagus and high-priced cashews. It is a great dish or as a vegetarian starter. Read About: Italian Orzo Spinach Soup Asparagus and its benefits Asparagus is supposed…

Cooking, Vegetables and Rice

Harvest Rice Dish

A variation of a basic rice recipe for the holidays would be Harvest Rice. It is very delicious and sweet side dish. It is very easy and ready in very short time. It is help full for the healthy body. Almonds Almond is available throughout the…

Cake, Cooking, Dessert Recipes

Coca-Cola Cake Recipe

Coca cola and sweet cake both are most popular in southern classics, in Coca-Cola Cake recipe both come together in one amazing recipe. Coca cola cake is perfect for parties, casual event, and potlucks. Coca cola is simply one of the best in the worldwide….

Cake, Cooking, Dessert Recipes

Swiss Black Forest Cake

Swiss Black Forest Cake Ingredients CakeComponents: 1 recipe Brandied Burgundy Cherries, (recipe follows), well drained and the syrup reserved ¼ cup kirsch or brandy ½ recipe Moist Chocolate Génoise 1 recipe Real Old Fashioned Whipped Cream Fresh cherries and chocolate flakes for decorating Read About: No…

Cake, Cooking

No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake Recipe

I love baking and want to make many types of cakes. Cherries and chocolate are my favorite, and I use these two ingredients in many sweet dishes. I want to make cherry cheesecake, but I have no recipe. I tried some recipe, but no one…

Appetizer, Cooking

How To Make Brownies In The Microwave

Hmm, I like chocolate brownies very much, and I know you also like it. When we talk about brownies texture, then it is Flat Square that is baked. It was introducing in at the end of 19 century in the United States and become very…