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5 Ways to Make a Healthy Burger

Burger is a very taste and favorite food for everyone. It is a staple food in many countries. Most of the burger are not classified as healthy, but if you make it in right ways and take in a healthy- balanced diet then it is…

Appetizer, Cooking

Delicious Italian Pasta Recipe

Italian Pasta Recipe Aha! Pasta is a delicious and tasty food everybody loves it and do like to eat more than one time. It has many recipe or method for cooking, but here I mentioned a delicious Italian Pasta Recipe. Other than recipe I also…

Appetizer, Breakfast, Cooking

Spicy Macaroni Salad Recipe

Well! At that time when anybody is tired and hungry than they like to make some too much easy to cook and fewer calories food which can be spicy and tasty also. At this situation, we waste some time of thinking this which is fulfill our this requirement….

Beverages, Cooking

Mango Margaritas Recipes

Today is Friday can you dig it? No, it’s too said, so it’s okay I know I can.  This weekend is entirely jam-packed with awesomeness, not just here but everywhere hot summer and holiday’s session with mango is on. They’re more just Maison d’êtres to…

Beverages, Cooking

Low Calories Summer Skinny Cocktails

Ahhh! Life is to Good, so that’s why we need to care it. We always want use an excellent or perfect thing for the drink or meals. Particularly in the summer season which we feel a need to drink something more as compare to other…

Beverages, Cooking

Delicious Frozen Desserts

OMG! The summer is starting to warm up, you must want some delicious and cool in this hot summer weather. What do you think? Are you ready to enjoy this hot summer with delicious frozen desserts? – OK! Here! I share some delicious frozen desserts…

Beverages, Cooking

Best Margarita Recipes

Margarita This Best Margarita Recipes are only the things to opening the hot summer months with! It’s perfect, easy and delicious drinks for everyone or age. Therefore, I love margarita summer drink, sometimes I don’t like alcoholic drink, but tranquil require that fruity thump! Margarita…

Beverages, Cooking

Raspberry White Hot Chocolate

This beautiful and delicious beverage is made with raspberry puree, white chocolate, mix milk, and cream. That produces a gorgeous, freshness and comforting drink that taste like melted berries and ice cream. It is my favorite drink because it’s so different from the hottest chocolate drinks. It is…