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Cooking, Soup

Bacon Potato Soup

When you was feeling like comfortable, then you make this bacon potato soup. Potato soup is very delicious and easy making soup. And it was a perfection food. I am the big fan of potato soup since as I can remember, especially when cheese is…

Cooking, Soup

Potato Soup

Soup is food that is in the form of liquid and served hot and sometimes cold. Different types of ingredients like meat, vegetables, rice are use to boil in the stock or water. We can divide soups into two groups like hot soup and cold soup….

Cooking, Grilling

Spicy Maple Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Recipe

These simple bacon-wrapped shrimp are spiced up a bit with a glaze using maple syrup and sriracha hot chili sauce. The trick to these is actually par-cooking the bacon before wrapping the shrimp. This way, the par-cooked bacon becomes crisp in the same time the…