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5 Best Quran Apps in the Market

Technology has revolutionized the world. It’s high time to adopt this boom to meet our religious needs. In this highly busy world, one thing that we can’t live without is our mobile phone. What can be better than using this tool for learning the Holy…

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LG Smartphone with Dual Display Improved Camera

SEOUL — South Korean smartphone maker LG Electronics Inc. released a new LG Smartphone with Dual Display Improved Camera, Thursday. This camera can capture a wider scene when taking a selfie, hoping to arrest a slide in its market share.  The V10 comes with an additional…


10 Useful Weights Lose Apps

Dieting is always very easy if you have support and thanks to technology, as it has provided us weight loss apps. These apps are fascinating and tell us about weight lose effective tips; they helped me also in losing my extra weight. Here are ten healthy…


7 Amazing Apps for Teenage Girl to Keep her Busy

Searching apps for teenage girl are consistently tight! There are a lot of apps out there, so how do you select ones that are suitable and amusing if you’re a teenager and are searching apps that will increase your information or just be fun, take…


Top Apps to Teach your Child to Read

Top Apps to teach your child to read and to educate your child to know are expensive tools for full of activity parents who desire to provide their kids a top start ahead of starting school or to addition the early on years of school-based…

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Top 5 Apps for Healthy Eating

No one always supposed it was simple to eat well, other than with these Top 5 Apps for Healthy Eating for fat consumption; you can be a support upon everybody else, and on your cut down. A lot of my favorite apps for well eating…