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Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized Swimming

Swimming-The Amazing Sport


Synchronized swimming is also known as “Synchro” by the people who know it. It is a beautiful sport which is a blend of swimming, coordinated acrobatics, and dance. Synchronized swimming required some specific things, but they are the necessities without which this sport cannot be performed.

Whenever you watch the clips and videos, do not feel it easy to achieve by seeing the gorgeous smiles on their faces and flexible moves. It requires core strength, breath control, tremendous grace, flexibility, endurance and split second. These all should be there when comes to perform synchronized swimming.

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Quick Review

  • Highest Governing Body Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA)
  • Type Aquatics: Presence (Olympic) Part of the Summer Olympic program since 1984

About Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized swimming which is also known as ‘water ballet’ is one of the eye-catching and tempting sport of Olympic Games. It is a game which is based on performing routines which are essentials for every athletic performing the move in water along with the rhythm according to the appropriate music.

Synchronized swimming is not as simple as it seems to be. Performing in water in different directions in a beautiful is not all it is about. In fact, it is a very tough, skillful and backbreaking sport. Competitors need a lot of strength, stamina, and flexibility to perform the routines in a balanced way in a synchronized way and interpret music. This sport is open to both the genders, but it is mostly recognized by women especially in Olympic Games and World Championship Competitions which are not open for men yet.

Swimming-The Amazing Sport


Every sport is performed under certain rule and regulations to which the competitors are bound to follow. In synchronized swimming, the athletes have to perform routines that can vary from two and a half minutes to five minutes in their time depending on their performance. They can perform either play alone or in a group of athletes. They have to perform some specified and permanent positions in routines. According to the methods shown in synchronized swimming, almost two-thirds are conducted under the water.

Costumes and Make-up

This sport also has considerations regarding the outlook. Their preparation, makeup and clothes give them some points, but this is not the all. Outlook is considered everywhere even if you go for an interview for a job. Altogether, swimmers wear elaborated costumes with heavy makeup and hair styles. Athletes make sure that their costume is fastened properly because if anything’s falls will leave a negative impression.

The makeup they wear are for highlighting their features, so it is easier for the judges to view their facial expressions. They are also limited in applying the makeup to a particular extent so that it should not be so much dramatic that it disturbs the other. Their whole outlook is based on their theme and music. They are not judged particularly on it but apparently it matters.

Swimming-The Amazing Sport

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Music and Theme

Obviously, music is the core of synchronized swimming because it’s all about the movement according to the music in rhythm. In the single event, a single athlete has to sync with the music on his own. In duet and team routines, there should be chemistry and understanding between all the players performing together and the music.

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The music and theme which is selected play a very significant role in the marking of the athletes. Their performance is judged according to the tempo of their movement to the speed of the music. In synchronized swimming, there are speakers fitted under the water to help the swimmers to hear the music clearly.

Competition Events In Synchronized Swimming

Swimming-The Amazing Sport

Synchronized swimming is classified into four main categories which are mentioned below:

  • Solos
    In Solos, only an individual swimmer will synchronize with the music.
  • Duets
    In Duets, swimmers co-ordinates with each other and the music.
  • Teams
    In this, swimmers co-ordinate with a group of up to seven other athletes and in time to the music.
  • Combo
    A team routine was up to ten swimmers perform in one continuous method. During the routine, there will be segments where different numbers of swimmers will perform according to their positions and theme.

Positions and Movements

Another important part of Synchronized swimming is about the positioning of the athletes. Positions are transitions which are important are mentioned below:

  • Performing a figure on the front or back
  • Showing a character from a vertical position
  • Flamingo position: one leg is straight, and the other is bent in the same kind of shape of flamigo
  • Spin in the water in different ways

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