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Symptoms of Depression and Stress

Symptoms of Depression and Stress

Symptoms of Depression and Stress

 symptoms of depression and stress

‘’People who do not know how to face tension, depression and stress usually they die in young age’’

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Tension and depression are very common nowadays when we can face depression; defiantly we get rid of many diseases because depression is the reason for many diseases.

Depression definition

What is tension or what is depression, a very serious questing it means that When a person feel stressed, and he does not show proper interest in life matters and also his against sex also he feels small and fatigue his mood remains off most of the time in day and night, a person feels worthless and stress less than it means he is depressed.

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Bipolar stress


It means than a person has two kinds of mood some time he or she feels sorrowful and sometimes extremely stressed and some time in other tensed condition. It is the very critical condition of a person. Because his mood is divided in several feelings which depressed him. Bipolar stress is very common nowadays.

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Get rid of depression

Serotonin is a chemical created by the human body and its low level in the body leads to depression. Serotonin chemically is imperative for balancing our body deficit of this chemical leads to depression.

Symptoms of depression and stress, tension

There are many symptoms of depression and stress, anxiety, which is tough to explain all common sign is that a person felt lazy and stressed he does not show interest in any activity of life.
Anxiety Symptoms.

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Fear of jobs

A lot of depressed patients are tensed because of their family.Life partner and their children but the nowadays main reason which is the primary cause of sad people are the fear of their jobs which us negatively affecting people students business man, salesperson, engineer, and also businesspeople.
Depression is very severely affecting man kind. So to get ride of it, a proper subject should be studied in colleges, schools, and universities about to get ride of depression. .when you get ride of despair; you become a success full and healthy person.
Very straightforward and easy just know one thing in your mind
‘’ Get ride of depression and live peacefully.”

Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness

A miserable viewpoint nothing will be recovered, and there’s not anything you can do to mend your condition.

Loss of interest in daily activities

No attention occasional diversions, activities, social actions, or sex. You’ve lost your skill to sense joy and happiness.

Appetite or weight changes

Reducing or gaining extra Weight an alteration of more than 5% of body weight in a month.

Sleep changes

Sleep Well

Insomnia means mainly waking in the early hours of the morning, or oversleeping.It is also a symptom of depression.

Anger or prickliness

A women in depression

Feeling nervous agitated, or even ferocious, your patience level is stumpy, your temper short, and everything and everyone gets on your nerves.

Feeling lazy

Feeling exhausted, Lethargic, and immensely tired. Your whole body may feel hefty, and even small tasks are fatiguing or take longer to complete.


Stout feelings of irrelevance or fault, you severely censure yourself for seeming errors and faults.

Reckless behavior

You involve in relaxing behavior such as abuse, obsessive betting, irresponsible driving, or unsafe sports.

Concentration problems

Suffering concentrating, making conclusions, or memorizing things.A growth in physical complaints such as headaches, back pain, painful muscles, and stomach agony

Treatments of depression

Just think about today

Just think about today and your present life don’t think about past and future because it depressed you badly. Because your future and past thought make you worried and tensed so just live indoor present life.

Be thank full that you are alive

symptoms of depression and stress

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Just be thanking full on your presence and your life and life blessings. It will help you and make your mind peaceful.

Question your self


Ask your self that why you are depressed? Am I depressed and when you will think like this you will not find any solid reason.

Believe you’re self

If you find anxiety in your self than come to any other point and other project which you can certainly do and believe you’re self and on your will power.

Think positive

Always think positive about life and its matters don’t think negative and take positively and lightly your life matters. It will surely help you and decreases your depressing reasons.

Strong believe on your strength and on what you can do

Just question you’re self why your upset surely you can not find any specific reason have Sean a lot of people who are depressed without any special resin that can never be explain and just think that wrong incidents things can be occur? It doesn’t mean that you weight for your bad time it mean is that you should just understand your self and mind to face bad times courageously just think that you can handle your dad incident of life strongly you can surely face it will help you to make peaceful your self.

‘’ Make weak your anxieties and beautify your life’’

Remain busy

Always remain busy don’t sit idle because empty mind is the house of devil and it makes you upset so remain busy in healthy activities.

Harms of depression

Psychological disorders of anxiety

When any one is depressed it affects your body and mind negatively and as result of it you becomes victim of many diseases. Which are called anxiety disorders am going to describing some common psychological disorders here.

Nervous break down

When you near severely depressed it negatively it hardly affect your nervous system and your nervous break down which is very worried situation.


When you are severely depressed as a result of it your head pain starts you become a patient of head pain.

Psychological disorders

There are a lot of psychological disorders which are just because of depression which is very difficult to explain because they are too much. as high blood pressure, head pain etc.

High blood pressure

A depressed person becomes victim of many diseases such as high blood pressure because of long time depression.and because of high blood pressure he becomes victim of many other diseases.

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