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Surprising Benefits of Spoon

Surprising Benefits of Spoon

Benefits of spoon

Well, everyone from you must use the spoon while eating food. It’s superb and beneficial for us for many purposes. Well, you cannot use it just for eating or taking soup, there are many other benefits that you can get by using your little intelligence. Let we discuss the Surprising Benefits of Spoon.

Uses of Spoon

Very easy solution to get rid of eye bags

Ah if you have eye bags under your eyes then you look aged and also leave the mature effect on your personality badly. But I have a brilliant solution for this problem. Just put two metal spoons in the freezer for the whole night. And next day in the morning you just have to put the back of a spoon on your eye bags as close to the inner part of your eyes. Press it slightly and slip the spoon to the inner corner. Light pressure and gliding movement will drain out water from your eye bags and also reduce puffiness.

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Apply a professional liner with the help of spoon

Apply liner quickly with the help of spoon without any mark

Now with the help of a spoon, you can just like a professional. Just put the back of a spoon on the outer corner of your eyes and draw a straight line according to the back of a spoon. Then flip the spoon and put it on your eyelid with the round part of a spoon and create a perfect curve like a profession. After drawing the outline fill it and enjoy your look.

Curling your eyelashes with the help of spoon

Curling your eyelashes with the help of spoon

If you don’t have any eyelashes curler, and you want to curl you lashes immediately, then I have a simple solution for you. Just take a spoon, if it is hot little then better. Put the cure edge on the above top lashes with the back of a spoon. Lightly press your lashes with your finger again the edge. Slowly move the spoon on the outer side by pressing continuously.

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Apply mascara quickly with the help of spoon without any mark

Apply mascara quickly with the help of spoon without any mark

Put the core part of spoon below your eyelashes and apply mascara. The use of spoon will escape your skin from marks of mascara infect these marks put on the spoon. Apply mascara perfect.

Fix your broken eyeshadow with the help of spoon

Fix your broken eyeshadow with the help of spoon

You are using expensive eye shadow, blush on, compress powder or other product, but suddenly they slip from your hand or fall on the floor then your product will break. Don’t worry you can fix your product again easily. Just take a spoon and rubbing alcohol and fix your product. Add few drops of rubbing alcohol in your broken product and press it with the help of a clean spoon. Leave your product until it becomes dry and then it became normal as first.

Get the perfect eyebrow shape with the help of spoon

Get the perfect eye brow shape with the help of spoon

You can get perfect eyebrow shape with the help of large spoon cure. Put the back of the spoon to your eyebrow and draw a line in the brow. This line is a guide for you and fills it and gets perfect arch.

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Spoon for your nail art

Spoon for your nail art

Put a small amount of nail polish on the spoon that makes you easy of using small tool for designing and you can create your design quickly and easily. You can also use the spoon for mixing two shades that create a beautiful and marble texture on your nail.

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Spoon for applying neat application of nail paint

Put a plastic spoon under your nail while applying nail paint.The use od spoon will prevent your fingers from an extra mark of paint and gives you neat application of nail paint.

Spoon for healing the pimples

Hmm, the interesting trick is that the spoon can heal your zit quickly. You just need a metal spoon that is clean properly. Take hot water not so hot but normal hot. Put the spoon in the water. When the spoon becomes hot enough as you can bear. First, test it by touching the back of the hand. If it is normal, then put the spoon on your pimple and press it until it becomes cool again.

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Reduce the size of hockey

Well, put your metal spoon in the freezer, when it becomes cold then rub the spoon on Hickey. It will slow the blood from wound or rashes.

Use your spoon as contouring tool

Apply Blush with the help of Spoon

It’s difficult for me to find hollow on my cheeks, but now spoon makes it very easy. Just put the spoon in the cup of the cheeks and the below area under the spoon is used for contouring.

Spoon for mixing and making new shade

Just take a spoon and put you favorite shadow that you want to make lip color. Add little amount of petroleum jelly and mix with the help of brush or finger.

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