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How to Style Your Hair in Less Than Five Minutes

How to Style Your Hair in Less Than Five Minutes

Whether you pushed that snooze button way too many times or you just have a bad hair day, some mornings seem to be against you and any of your attempts to pull off a stylish hairdo to go to work with and want to style your hair in less than five minutes. In all honesty, when we have little to no time or when our hair just doesn’t want to behave, all women share the same problem: how to achieve a quick, beautiful hairdo without much fuss? Here are some of easy hairstyles to do at home.

Today, we will take a look at some tips and tricks on hairstyling in less than five minutes, allowing you thus to enjoy a little more snoozing time each morning.

Style Your Hair in Less Than Five Minutes

1. The Sparkly Headband or Hair Clips

If you have a bad hair day but no time to wash, condition and style, you can use an optical illusion or a trick: clip and embellish your hair with hairpieces like a sparkly metallic headband or sparkly bobby pins, clips and colored hair bands.
Sparkly Headband or Hair Clips
Good for: long and medium straight/curly hair

How to achieve it:

  • Slip on a sparkly, statement headband Taylor Swift style and make sure you have everything tied in a bun at the base of your neck. It doesn’t matter if it’s a loose and not-so-perfect bun, as the headpieces are the real game-changers

2. Pumped up Short Straight Hair

You can be the proud owner of a straight gorgeous short burgundy hair in a classy bob cut or a dark straight one in a pixie cut. You still need to make it look beautiful without much fuss. This hairdo doesn’t take more than three-four minutes, and it is easy as a breeze:Pumped up Short Straight Hair

Good for: straight short/medium hair

How to achieve it:

  • Run a boar bristle brush through your hair while you blow dry to give it volume, curls, and shine
  • Secure with hairspray or some gel and mess it up to have light strands in a loose hairstyle that will make you look laid back and stylish.
  • Use your curling iron and some hairspray for quick, loose curls.
  • You can make the pixie look even pixie with some sparkly pins or a cute headband.

3. The Twisty Bun

This will only take four or five minutes of your mornings and will look incredibly new and fresh. You can learn how to style your hair in less than five minutes with practice, do it again and again and you’ll become a master of that hairstyle. The best part is that you can try this hairstyle even when you have more time and your hair is in its best shape as the hairdo is feminine, delicate and stylish goes very well with dates, girls’ night outs and daily errands running.Twisty Bun

Good for: long and medium straight hair

How to achieve it:

  • Divide your hair as little as possible to the neck into two pigtails and secure them with an elastic
  • Braid each pigtail and secure the edges with an elastic band as well.
  • Twist and wrap the braided pigtails as a crown at the back of your head, securing them with bobby pins.
  • A little hairspray will hold your loose strands and add some shine – don’t worry about hairs floating around your face, this is a free and laid back
  • You can try the braided version as well if you feel more like Lady Galadriel one particular morning.

4. Side-Swept Ponytail

It can take only two to three minutes and even if it is a classic hairdo it will never lose its feminine appeal. It can take you all day long, from the office to late night drinks.Side-Swept Pony Tail

Good for: long and medium straight/curly hair

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How to achieve it:

  • Gather your hair in a side-swept ponytail and secure it with a colored elastic band or some gemstones hair clips (a little bit of morning glam can turn any bad hair day into a success).
  • If you have the time, curl the ponytail ends on your finger and secures them with a bit of hairspray or gel.

5. Long and Voluminous Ponytail

Laidback and gorgeous, this hairstyle can take up to four minutes if your hands are fast and you’re used to ponytails. It works great on any given day when you didn’t have time to wash your hair. It makes a surprising apparition at evening events, parties and during daily activities. The ponytail is guaranteed to turn heads, as it is also a classic, timeless hairdo.Long and Voluminous Ponytail

Good for: long and medium straight/curly hair

How to achieve it:

  • Pull the top of your hair up and turn it into a ponytail with discrete elastic band
  • Gather the remaining hair in another ponytail and make sure this one is held in place with a thin elastic band right a few inches lower but right under the upper ponytail.
  • As the upper ponytail hides the lower one, your hair will look voluminous and longer.
  • If you want to add more fluff to it, use a bit of curling spray to pump up the bangs.

What other tricks do you use when you run out of time in the morning? How do you treat your hair to make it look clean and gorgeous when you’re on the go?

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