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Stars that have Kids with the Same Name

Stars that have Kids with the Same Name

Stars that have Kids with the Same Name

Starts Kids Name Isaiah

Many celebrities have their baby name same like as Prince William, and Kate Middleton gives their daughter’s name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana just after the birth of Princess and Chelsea Clinton, Rachael Leigh Cook and Sarah Michelle Gellar all have girls baby by the same name. Other than that, many more stars have babies and also have same name Mila Kunis, Angelina Jolie and Gisele Bundchen, etc. Let see below I mention a list of children names with stars that have kids with the same name.


Vivienne/Vivian Starts Kids Name

Gisele BundchenTom Brady and Melissa McCarthyBen Falcone have girls babies give the same name Vivian, same as Angelina JoliePitts and Rosie O’DonnellMichelle Rounds both families select their baby name similar sounding — Vivienne.

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Sasha Starts Kids Name

While ShakiraPique gives their son first name Sasha, Naomi Watts – Liev Schreiber‘s son nickname is Sasha and Chris HemsworthElsa also gives their son first name Sasha.


Starts Kids Name Rocket

Rocket name may be unusual for some people, but Sam Worthington – Lara Bingle and Pharrell Williams — Helen Lasichanh and director of Hollywood movies Robert Rodriguez all have boys with the name Rocket.

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Isaiah Starts Kids Name

Isaiah is a biblical name, a Hollywood TV personality Elisabeth Hasselback and her husband name Time Hasselback give their son name Isaiah while Mike Fisher and his wife Carrie Underwood have a son name of Isaiah.


Hazel Starts Kids Name

John KrasinskiEmily Blunt have a daughter named Hazel and another family Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have girl baby named Hazel.

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Starts Kids Name Marlowe

Both family Jason – Brady and Tom – Sienna show the same taste for their children name Marlowe.

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Starts Kids Name Jack

Jack is a very common name in the Hollywood industry many stars have Jack name babies I don’t mention all-stars name which has jack named child here. I add some very famous actors and actress name who have jack called a baby, keep reading, first one is Anna Faris and Chris Pratt‘s son named Jack while Marsden’s little boy name is Jack. Matt Lauer, Val Kilmer and Kirk Cameron also have Jack names, babies.


Camden Starts Kids Name

In August 2012, Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari give their baby named Camden Jack as well as in September of that year Nick Lachey, and Vanessa Minnillo welcomed a baby with the name of Camden John.


Charlotte Starts Kids Name

Charlotte is a tradition name, and recently it made its debut on the list of 10 most famous baby names for 2014, which came out just after that day when Kate Middleton and Prince William exposed their girl baby’s name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Rachael – John, Chelsea – Marc and Harry Connick Jr. – Jill Good racer, same as Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. all had baby girls with the same name Charlotte.


Harper Starts Kids Name

Bill Hader, the Beckhams, Neil Patrick Harris and Dave Grohl all those have a girl kid named Harper.

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