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Some Unique Wedding Destinations in the World

Some Unique Wedding Destinations in the World

Everyone wants their big day to be unforgettable and to make it memorable we people choose the best destinations and locations for our wedding. Destination wedding and wedding in a resort or a villa is quite reasonable these days below is the list of some out of the box places which you can choose for your special day. Explore the below list and make your grand day of life a memorable day by choosing one of the below destination as your wedding destination because special moments deserves a special place. Plan your wedding at these unique wedding destinations in the world.

Trang in Thailand

Trang in Thailand

Have you ever thought of getting married under the sea?  Getting married under the sea may sound a bit different, but it is one of the trending ways to get married. People who want to make each and every effort just to make their wedding day special can opt for this option to make the moment really special and unforgettable.

Mount Everest in Nepal

Mount Everest

Want to feel on the top of the world on your wedding day? If yes, then choose the world’s magnificent and spectacular mountain as your wedding destination and make your big day a bit more fantastic. Nepalese couples are the first couple who get married on the highest peak of the world in 2005. Getting the wedding ceremony done on the magnificent mountain is like a shotgun moment as the ceremony gets completed in 10 minutes. The couples remove their oxygen masks and promise the vows as soon as possible. This destination is apt only for adventure loving couples who have the capacity and healthy heart to travel to the top of Mount Everest. Moreover, there is another way as well if you can’t take the trek to the top of a mountain; you can arrange your wedding ceremony at the base camp.

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Shark Tank in New York

Shark Tank

The first wedding in this shark tank of New York was done in 2010. This is another unique way of wedding that too in a unique location. You can also choose this option and can make your wedding entirely different from others.

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Governor’s Camp in Masai Mara, Kenya

Governor's Camp

If you are a forest-life lover and want to make your wedding day unique in the lap of African flora and fauna, then plan your wedding at Masai Mara wildlife reserve.  This is one of the astounding reserves, and this reserve gives the couples an opportunity to take the wedding vows above the plains in a hot air balloon or under the stunning canvas at Governor’s Camp.

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Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania

Draculas Mansion

If you love to explore horrible places, and you are also a horror fan, then you can tie the knot at the Bran Castle which is often called as Dracula Castle. Wedding at this location is a bit unique and full of amazement.

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Treehouse in Loch Goil, Scotland

Tree house

If you have a dream of getting married in a fairytale manner in a tree house, then do not worry you can arrange your wedding in the beautiful tree house in Loch Goil. The tree house in Loch Goil only have the space for 24 people but the ambiance and setting is perfect for a relaxed and intimate wedding.

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Point Imperial in Grand Canyon in the USA

Point Imperial

You can make your wedding ceremony unforgettable by tying the wedding knot at the highest viewpoint in Grand Canyon National Park. Moreover special permits are required for the same, and only ten people can fit on the Point Imperial viewpoint.

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Scott Island in Antartica

Scott Island

Do you have that much strong heart to travel to the earth’s end for your soul mate? If yes then tie the wedding knot in Antarctica. This island is only accessible by air. The first wedding at this place is done in 2009. This is one of the spectacular and stunning locations and can allure anyone. Wedding at this place will surely give you unforgettable moments.

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Death Valley in Nevada, USA

Death Valley

If you want a perfect backdrop to get wed, then you should travel all the way towards Death Valley. It is only available from October until the month of March because of the scorching heat during the summer season. The calm and sinister yet stunning landscape make this place a perfect destination for a memorable wedding.

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Ice Hotel in Lapland, Sweden

Ice Hotel

What can be unique apart from the fact that the church where you and your soul mate had exchanged vows will melt away in spring? The snow covered landscape will make your special day memorable. This incredible hotel is constructed from snow, and the chapel has a crystal clear ice altar, seats, and pillars. The bedrooms are also unique and are perfect for a unique honeymoon.

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