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Smart And Tricky Ways For Students To Save Money

Smart And Tricky Ways For Students To Save Money

Tricky Ways For Students To Save Money

The irony of life is that when you are studying, you have time, but limited money to enjoy life and when you are working, you have money, but limited time to enjoy life. So as a college student on a limited budget, you need to find ways to save some money so that you can have some fun and enjoy that phase of life without any worries.

So here you will find some effective yet out of the box tips and tricks that is going to help you and make sure you save some money while enjoying your college days. Here are some tricky ways for students to save money during their study.

1. Find Cheaper Accommodation

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Many students and parents feel that the accommodation provided by the university or college campus is cheaper. It is not always the case. You can look for rented rooms and share the cost among others. In case you are living in the same city then it is best chance to save around £370 just on accommodation by living at home. Why don’t prefer to check some online stores like for cheap accommodation?

2. Get Some Grants and Scholarships

Grants and Scholarships

Do you know that many colleges and universities offer cash to the students in the form of money, scholarships, and bursaries? Again students get cash award when they manage to get ‘A’ in all the subjects. Students allowance is also available for physically disabled students. So make sure to get the best out of what is available out there. Some private sponsorships, as well as emergency funds, are also provided to students. So try to grab what you can.

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3. Buying Groceries? Compare Prices

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Take an extra effort to check for deals at different grocery stores in your locality. Compare the prices and find the cheapest deal for your weekly items. You can even look for better deals online. Many sites bring in the most reasonable deal direct from the retailer and help you save around 30% on your single purchase. Even free discount deals are available at and so checking it out can also turn out to be beneficial.

4. Don’t Spend Money on Software

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There is some free software available on the internet. So you can only make use of them for your college projects rather than buy a paid one and install on the computer. You can even take advantage of free cloud storage space to Dropbox and Google Drive.

5. Dine Out for Less

5 Dinners in Less Than 15 Minutes

It is very common to have outing and dining with friends during the college days. So the major part of your monthly budget is consumed by it. You can save cash on your daily meals as well as on ‘once in a while’ eating out habit just by working at a restaurant on a part-time basis. Again make sure you dine out at other places too so that you don’t get bored of food at your restaurant. Moreover, there are ways where you can easily save while dining out. So be smart and explore them.

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6. Reduce Utility Bills the Smart Way

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If you are having a TV subscription or broadband or phone connection ready for renewal, then call them and ask for a cheaper deal. Most of the companies will offer you something new fearing connection cancellation. This way you can quickly bring down the numbers on your monthly budget plan.

7. Use Public Transport

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You can easily travel to the different parts of the city using a student bus pass. This is quite cheaper as you don’t have to worry about gas and maintenance of your vehicle.

All you need is to be a bit alert and smart. You will eventually find some ways to save money. Right things done at the right time will help you save enough for your college years.

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