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The Smart Home Hub Can Now Talk to More Gear

The Smart Home Hub Can Now Talk to More Gear

Isn’t this news simply fantastic! Homeowners can now rejoice and look forward to some great new updates too as Google Home which was already working with a log of companies, and Smart home hub devices have just added two more Honeywell and Belkin Wemo on board. With companies like Samsung already a part of Google Home, a lot of people who are already using a lot of Google services will now be more inclined towards getting the cute little speaker like the home assistant. But what is Google Home anyway and why the additions of the two new names matter so much? What the big deal about it? Let’s find out!

Smart Home Hub Devices

Google Home is a smart solution to get things around you working. You need a Google Home account and the speaker like device that comes for around $160 and more in some places, and the device is your speaker and assistant. You can do a lot with it such as you can ask it to play certain music for you, talk to you, turn on the heat for you and do a lot of other things. Google is working towards making their phone ‘Pixel’ connect to Google home for a better experience even when you are away from home like in case you have accidently forgotten the lights on, and you can ask it to turn the lights off.

You trigger the system by ‘Ok Google, to’ and the device is all ears, it is your personal assistant and your Google, you can talaboutit, ask questions (answers will use Google search and internet of course) you can ask the temperature and translation and what not. Latest development shows that the device now can relate your previous question to the current depending on your context. If you have asked it about a particular movie, and then you continue after the answer from the device “ok who wrote that movie” it will have your answer ready for you according to the last question asked before that. So you see that it has become efficient, but it still does now have friendliness towards family members and does not support multiple voices on one account which is a bummer because this puts the device in direct competition with the Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa (Oops!). Alexa is much friendlier with family voice recognition which makes things easier but if you already have all the devices according to Google then you can go ahead with Google Home, and we never know what the latest upgrade brings.

Google Smart Home Hub Devices

Why Honeywell and Belkin Wemo is a great addition is because Google already has Nest and Samsung Smart Things devices and Phillips on board. I have these two great things as Honeywell thermostats will give a substitute to Nest and Belkin Wemo joins in with Philips and Samsung in making appliances, lightings and all smarter and closer and more efficiently used.

The Google’s services trigger with voice commands as soon as you speak the words ‘Ok Google’ and then you can ask your intelligent assistant to play music for you or news, podcasts, radio, multi-room audio, Mobile app audio streaming, speaker streaming and control and TV streaming and monitoring, etc. The smart assistant manages your tasks such as (wait for it!) it can manage your time, calendars, timers, car service, shopping list, flight information, local guide, My Day, weather, traffic, Light control, IFTTT, Local guide, smart plugs and switches control, etc. Then there is like, Delight meaning you can ask it to tell you a joke, to talk to you, make you laugh or say something interesting, etc but this is where it was imperative to have the friendliness towards more people and extended voice recognition allowed family to use the assistant as well to make it a proper smart “Home” device.

You can also have fun with the device by asking it its age and silly questions and explore and check the intelligence. It is a real machine, and people seem to be happier with Google Home and would always consider it over other systems out since the assistant is surely much more efficient than Siri or Alexa according to major reviews and comparisons. It will not be wrong to say that Google has done a pretty good job with Google Home bringing solutions quickly and fun ways to carry the household chores and all but yes. It is also true that some stuff with this system is highly unnecessary, we understand that some added bonuses and fun factors should be there, but when a few drawbacks, in fact, significant drawbacks have emerged then that added stuff look irrelevant and unnecessary compared to what is missing.

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Smart Home Devices

Having said that, it is also safe to say that Google Home as on board some major names and if your household appliances and IoT supports most devices and everything is Google Home compatible then it is the best option for you to have Google over anything else. General ratings for Google Home have also risen after the announcement of the addition of the two new brands on 24th January 2017. So if you are looking for a cute little assistant to sync your smart devices and have the bad habit of leaving the lights on, want to give orders around because no one else listens to you in the house. You have Google Home and your very personal virtual assistant taking care of your music, time management, jokes, entertainment weather and everything that a virtual assistant does but with an edge.

Google has received a lot of criticism lately because of the poor strategy and all the things with Pixel, their stunt of bringing a 5-year-old Google Voice to life. But that is how they do it; they always know how to keep their customers and users happy and bring about new upgrades and changes in their apps and tech.

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