Six Bad Running Habits and How to Break Them

Running is one of the most beneficial activities for person’s health and fitness. It helps people stay in shape, maintain lean figure and stay healthy. However, many runners do not adhere to the essential principles of running, but instead have some bad habits that can cause serious injuries. In order to avoid any form of sprain, fracture or some more serious problems, it is crucial that runners break these bad running habits.

1. Small Intake of Energizing Food

Small Intake of Energizing FoodIt is essential for a runner to have a proper diet. However, many people forget to take food that will help them get their energy back after a run. Therefore, always have a bottle of water and a high carb snack with you when you are going for a jog. Snacks help you rebuild muscle, and water is crucial for hydrating the body as you lose high amounts of fluids through sweating.

2. Forgetting About Sunblock

Apply SunblockExposing skin to the sun can be beneficial, but only twenty minutes a day. However, during the summer months, many people think they don’t need sunscreen while running and they skip using it. This can cause burns, especially for those with fair skin complexion. Therefore, make sure you always apply sunscreen to your skin before you go for a run. It will protect the skin and help you get a nice tan once you go to the beach, considering the skin has already been exposed to the sun for some time.

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3. Treating the Injuries Yourself

Treating the Injuries Yourself

Unless you are actually an MD, do not try to treat your injuries on your own. Putting an ice pack on the knee or taking an ibuprofen after a sprained muscle can make the injury even worse than it originally was. In order to avoid turning small injuries into more serious ones, schedule an appointment at the doctor’s for any help you need.

4. Running Without Proper Equipment

Running without proper equipment

Many runners prefer running at night when streets are not as crowded as during the day. However, they don’t think about the proper clothing or equipment they should wear in order to stay safe. Instead of wearing dark clothes, a runner should choose the one in bright neon colors. What is more, Brilliant reflective tape for clothing is an excellent upgrade to the sportswear because helps drivers see you if you are running in the middle of the night.

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5. No Stretching

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Skipping stretching after running can cause some serious problems to your muscles. It is essential that you do at least five minutes of stretching after you finish a running session. This can prevent some serious injuries and keep your muscles from tightening up too soon. In order to gently stretch the back, hips, quads and calves, incorporate squats into your exercising routine. It will make you feel better, and your muscles will not be sore.

6. Lack of Sleep

Sleeping in Rainy

Not having enough of good night sleep is bad for the general wellbeing of a person. It affects the mood, the energy, the ability to concentrate at work, as well as stamina during a run. Furthermore, mental sharpness, immune system and the ability to recover from an injury are also aspects to which lack of sleep has a negative effect. At least eight hours of sleep is necessary for everyone in order for them to be healthy.

Running will improve your health and help you stay fit, but only if you follow certain rules. With inadequate training and bad habits, you are at risk of hurting yourself and maybe even prevent yourself from running ever again. Therefore, break any of the bad habits you have so that you can enjoy your favorite activity for a long time.

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