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Simple Road Rules to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Simple Road Rules to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Simple road rules to keep your teen driver safe

Obviously, handing over the car keys to the children is a big task for parents and indeed bring anxiety to them. The license is the necessity for every teenager to have the legal right to drive. However, by following certain terms and conditions, we can make this event a memorable occasion. The best technique for parents to make their child learn driving is to practice with them. Some Road Rules you need to teach your child before getting licensed.

“If you think about driving as a learning curve, the more practice kids get driving, the faster they move across that learning curve and the more confidence they get.”

John Ulczycki – Group Vice President at National Safety Council

Below, I have mentioned five basic and simple safety measures for your kid which will also give you peace of mind and safe your child as well. Let’s read, what I got for you:

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Give Space To Your Child

Consider setting limits for your child up to certain limits. Allow your child to drive freely either with their same age group or with an adult but only sometimes to make them responsible and finish their fear of driving alone.

“With each additional passenger that you add to a car, you are significantly increasing your crash risk.”

Make them follow the following points:

  • Make sure they drive attentively.
  • Wait until they drive for six months for before being officially allowed to drive.
  • Make them to limit their distractions by playing some music or any conversation going on in their car.
  • Keep their eyes focused solely on the road.
  • Drive During At Both Times- Day / Night
  • The night is dark for new teenaged drivers. It is hard to see as well as to judge the distance and speed.
  • Spend a lot of time practicing at night time to make your child learn more.
  • Wait until you kid is experienced enough at driving (both at night and day).

Make sure about all these things mentioned in the list before giving your child permission to drive especially at night.

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Limit Usage Of Technology

“Do not Fiddle With The Radio While Driving.”

This tip was very common a decade ago but now with the explosion of the mobile technology, distractions got new dimensions to spoil the young drivers and passengers. Remind your teens the two first pints mentioned below:

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  • Not to use cell phone while driving
  • Park the vehicle if there is a necessity to attend the call.

Buckle Up

Seat belts are imperative to be used by every driver and passenger for their safety. Since the 90s, its use has been increased dramatically. People are getting aware of its importance and need. The people who are careless in using seat belts are mostly teens. The teen drivers, as well as passengers, are less likely to be seen to buckle up. Help your child to learn the importance of seat belts and make it a habit of buckling up the seat belt whenever they drive or ride in a car.

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No Usage Of Drugs

Medicines and intoxications are dangerous for a human health while on the other hand driving being a drunk is strictly forbidden and unsafe too. It cannot only be harmful to you but for those too who follow the rules and regulations strictly. Consider helping your child in a way to may them come up with a positive response of turning down the drugs. Make her avoid any ride with the person who has been drinking no matter how old that human is.


Remember to follow all these instructions for yourself as well if you want your child to become an attentive, obedient and responsible in driving the vehicle.

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