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Shoes we wear!!!

Shoes we wear!!!

Heeled Sandals

What about shoes we wear?

Let us consider the shoes we wear every day. The essential part of our dressing and the ignorant one too. Why is it so? Why we ignore the most important part of our appearance even after knowing that they give us the confidence to stand in between a crowd of thousand people.

But this part of the article is primarily referring to those individuals who ignore what they are wearing around their feet whatever how beautiful and attractive their feet are. Everyone, when goes out wants to look fantastic and wants to be known as FASHION ICON. In all this, shoes play an unusual role in giving you the guts to walk with a trust in yourself in a crowd of thousand people. The worst part is that this essential part of our outlook is mostly ignored by the females. Shoes are a necessary item of our dressing which gives the impression of being concerned about the prospect and leaves a positive impact on the others.

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How to Keep your Feet Beautiful?

Perfect Velvet Blue Heels

Before I guide you any more about shoes, I would like to guide you through the maintenance of your feet. Here are few points that will help you to keep your feet beautiful and healthy:

  • Do wash them daily to keep them free from dead skin and dirt.
  • Remember to moisturize your feet daily with a lotion and cream to keep them soft and healthy.
  • Cut your nails regularly. Apply lemon on the nails to keep them hard and white.
  • Massage your feet twice in a week to remove the dead skin and make your fresh skin appear.
  • Wear those shoes which make you comfortable and do not damage your feet. Eat vegetables and fruits to get a soft, healthy skin.
  • Apply cream on your feet at night before going to bed.

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Why Girls Should Wear Heels?

To wear heels make a woman look more stylish, graceful and tall. Women who are naturally tall are pretty lucky to have such a height.To have a proper height is a great addition to the beauty of the body. Mostly heels are preferred for an increase in the height. Why I am talking about heels is because nowadays they are from their peak in demands. Girls feel proud to wear them.

Advantages of Wearing Heels

Since thousands of year, a pair of heels has been a great charm for a woman. Let us avail a chance to know the benefits of wearing heels.

You Look Tall

When a woman wears heels, her height increases which give her pleasure and makes her feel graceful and attractive. It is a quick remedy for the women who wants to look tall.

Give us a Style

Beautiful black and white heels

By wearing a pair of heels, a girl looks stylish and attractive in appearance. A pair of heels on your feet can quickly grab the attention of the people around you. It also adds grace in your walk.

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Healthy Body Posture

Girls feel to have a good body posture when they wear heels. It is a source of confidence for her while she is carrying herself. Sometimes girls get embarrassed by wearing heels for the first time, but it is ok. If you will not give it a start, how will you learn to carry them?If you ever buy a pair of high heel, opt for the one which is closed from behind or have some strips to tie around to help you walk. They are known as heel sandals.
Tip: practice-Do practice walking in them at home to learn how to carry the method will give you fruitful output that you will avoid the possible awkwardness to the maximum extent which you might have faced in the other case.

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Good Looking Legs

The pair of heels help you to enhance your feel or legs. Girls who wear short skirts and minis can make their legs look more attractive with the help of stunning pair of heels. Heels give a shape to the legs and make them look longer.
Complementary to Clothes:
Heels praise the attractiveness of the clothes. Heels can go with every kind of dress you wear. All you need is to choose a proper shape of heels for your dress.Like box/pointed heels go perfectly with the formaloutfit and pencil heels make the minis or tunics look more outstanding. Wearing platform heels with trousers or wide bottom jeans will give a cool look. If you do not want to show off your heels but look tall wear it with saris or long skirts.

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Psychological Impact of Looking Good

Moods and Confidence

Moods and confidence are related to each other. Our mood depends on how much we feel comfortable. For example, If we are confident enough about what we are actually wearing we will be fresh and pleased otherwise, we will be annoyed, conscious and worried. It will in return affect the people around us.

Overall Personality and Impression

If we focus a little on what we are wearing and how we are carrying it, we will be confident to carry ourselves. The impression we leave on others is absolutely great. They appreciate you for taking care of yourself from head to toe and you feel confident enough.

Your External reflects Your Internal

Keep yourself happy, self-assured and confident because you internal affect your external deeply. You will carry yourself deeply and expressions on your face accordingly. If you are peaceful and happy inside, definitely you will look much better, fresh ad beautiful that the disturbed one. Remember to fulfill your sleeping hours in a day to keep yourself fresh and healthy. As you are investing on your inner, you are also nourishing your external.

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