Selena Gomez Won’t Shove Niall Horan Relationship Down Justin Bieber Throat

If you consider that Selena Gomez would be flaunting her new romance with Niall Horan in Justin Bieber’s face, you’re just at mistake! Wear and cheer have learned EXCLUSIVELY that she just wants to be pleased in her new relationship and not hurt The Biebs.

Selena Gomez, 23, plans to be extra sensitive about ex Justin Bieber‘s feelings as she moves forward in her romance with Niall Horan, 22. Unlike her relationship with the Biebs, she wants her time with the One Direction singer to be drama free, and the last thing she wants is for Still to come across as a diss at Justin,

“Selena is very excited to have a direct relationship, and that is what Niall offers. When she goes out with Niall or is seen doing things pro One Direction, she doesn’t want it to look like she is dissing Justin,”

A source tells Wear and cheer

“She just is happy to move on. She’s thrilled that her friends are happy for her, and she is happy herself. No more tears and drama is only a right thing for Selena,”

Our source continues. It must be SUCH a relief for Selly to be in a healthy, happy relationship after all of her ups and downs with Justin. Our insider adds,

“She is very excited to take this journey with Niall and will not throw the relationship down Justin’s throat. She wants everything to be move forward and work out smoothly and not hurt Justin’s feelings.” Aww Selena, what a sweetie!

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