Salman Khan to marry Iulia Vantur in 2016?

Salman Khan to marry Iulia Vantur in 2016?

Salman Khan is very famous and talented  Indian celebrity. From the latest news, it proves that Salman Khan will turn in 50 in December, and now he want to join Club 50, and sure a partner will be a good for Salman Khan. The Bombay High Court last week had decided that Salman Khan will be free from 2002 hit-and-run case. The final announcement of the court will determine the marriage of Salman Khan.

If we talk about Salman Khan then it is very common question that many fans ask that when will you get marry? And there is no any straight answer rather than a smile. Salman Khan spent her time with many women every year. Now he decides to start her practical and marital life very soon. He decided that if the court releases him from his legal hit and run case, then he will get married and if the tribunal judgment is against Salman Khan than he will wait till he was free from any legal case.

If we talk about the family and friends of Salman Khan, then it is said that he could be married in 34 years, but his legal case stopped him.

The latest news tells us that Salman Khan is going to marry with Lulia Vanture, who is a famous Tv actor and model of a Romania. She also visited the Salman Khan home many times.

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Well, 2016 will be the good year and Salman Khan and for her fan.



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