MOSCOW (AP): Russia carries out the first air strike in Syria on Wednesday (01 Oct) after won the parliamentary permission to use force abroad, the US said. The airstrikes targeted IS position, warehouses and vehicles that Russia thinks belong to IS militants, Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told Russia news agencies.

A US official said that Russia airstrikes targeted fighters in the vicinity of Homs, located to roughly 60 miles of a Russia naval facility in Tartus and were carried out by a “couple” of Russia bombers. The Russia hit the targets of Homs and Hamas, but there is no presence of IS in those areas. The US official said in those areas is located only Free Syrian Army and other anti-Assad groups.

Russia Carries out First Air Strike in Syria

An unnamed senior US Official told CNN that the first airstrike had taken in Homs. The Russia official had told the US it should not fly its jets in Syria. However, he told that the US activities in Russia would not be affected Russia’s involvement.

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