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Ronnie O’sullivan Lashes Out At World Snooker Chief, Says He Won’t Be ‘Bullied’

Ronnie O’sullivan Lashes Out At World Snooker Chief, Says He Won’t Be ‘Bullied’

Ronnie O’Sullivan Lashes

Snooker game is my most favorite. I also play free online snooker games in my free time. I love it and also its players. Ronnie O’Sullivan Lashes is my favorite snooker player.

The 41-year-old O’sullivan Lashes, one of the most famous and talented snooker players the game has known. It is now snooker’s biggest draw card while Hearn, who made his name in sports promotion as the manager of the six-time world champion Steve Davis.

The relationships between the two Englishmen took a chance for the inferior when Hearn said last week that some of O’Sullivan’s current behavior had been “embarrassing.”

O’Sullivan Lashes Interviews

The post-match interviews of O’Sullivan deliberately respond with one-word answers. In February, he gave an interview to British TV channel ITV at the world Grand Prix by using a robotic voice.

This time he stuck back and said:

“I phoned Barry up four weeks ago and I said, Barry, I’m done with all you and your board of people.

“And I’ve got a very good friend of mine who said, ‘Just let my lawyers deal with it’. I won’t get involved with it because I’m not being bullied; I’m not having people doing that to me ever again.

“I’m just fortunate I’ve got a very good friend who’s got very good lawyers and they’ve got my back. I just want to play and have fun.

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“I like Barry, but I’m not being intimidated or bullied anymore.”

On the Table, O’Sullivan overcomes resolute World Championship debutant Gary Wilson 10-7. He said:

“It’s important that I keep focused, keep professional, keep myself out of trouble, and just try to come and do a job.”

“It’s all about business. I have no problem with the press, but sometimes. I say things I shouldn’t say and get myself in hot bother. And I get a letter through saying I need to respond in 14 days, a day before a tournament and it’s kind of messed up my last three or four tournaments.”

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