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Rolls Royce Ghost Reviews 2016

Rolls Royce Ghost Reviews 2016

Bentley Continental Flying Spur Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

Rolls Royce Ghost is a very impressive and luxurious four-door saloon. It might sit below the other Rolls Royce saloon but by any reasonable values, it is the very summit of luxury on four wheels.

Over halfway of its product cycle, the Ghost’s styling and interior quality have been improved, along with a silky smooth new eight-speed automatic gearbox that applies sat-nav infographic to select the suitable gear for the road in front.

Its power comes from a BMW-sourced 563bhp 6.6-litre V12, which provides the Ghost an astonishing rotate of pace, in spite of its size and near two and a half tonne bulk. Due to the BMW 7, Series stretched version, the Rolls Royce Ghost is competent of casing ground tremendously quickly and with unrivaled soothe and modification.

If we talk about the Rolls Royce Ghost Reviews, outstanding and it is the little brother to the Phantom, it maintains the same level of class and quality. But it is less expensive and prettier to drive.


  • Huge road presence
  • Massively powerful engine
  • Opulent interior


  • Asking price
  • Two-and-a-half-tone weight
  • Terrible electronic parking brake

On the Inside

Rolls Royce Ghost Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

Rolls Royce Ghost interior is very luxurious and comfortable sofa that is built in the high-quality environment, including exquisite leather and excellent lamb’s wool carpets. While the individual switches, paneling, clocks and heater controls all give off a bespoke feel and wherever you touch and look, the finest materials are used. Back seat testers are also treated Rolls Royce Ghost is one of the best cabins in the automotive industry. Its overall consequence is beautiful of both classic and modern styling.


Rolls Royce Ghost Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

Is called, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is very impressive due to its size, but the Rolls Royce Ghost is also impressive due to its full stop. Most of the testers are surprised how nimble the Ghost and say thanks to its smaller height than the Phantom.

It is less cumbersome on narrower roads. Reverse parking of Rolls Royce Ghost can be stressful, but suitable sensors and the closeness warming system take away most of the estimated work. The massive mirrors that give the impression useless when driving unexpectedly also become very useful.

The Extended Wheelbase model has 330mm of legroom in the back- efficiently duplicating the amount of the standard car and conceding even the very highest passengers to pull out entirely. There is a large 490-litre boot fitting for carrying two large grips.


Ghost has only one type of engine, but there only needs to be one. In the past, Rolls Royce illustrated their cars’ presentation as “adequate” and with a 6.6-litre, twin turbo V12, we’d make bigger that irony to “more than adequate”.

In presence, there’s quite push to shame sports cars. 60mph comes in 4.7 seconds, but if that sort of thing appears awkward, then you can simply play in the huge energy that allows your chauffeur to potter nearby in complete silence at virtually any speed.

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Safety and Reliability

Before-Mentioned is the weight and builds feature of the Ghost; it is expected to manage very well in the event of an adventure – as unsurprisingly Euro NCAP are yet to pitch test one. The use of many BMW 7 Series parts- counting the engine bodes well for security even if it imperceptibly decays the hand-crafted texture.

A vast number of conventional safety systems, such as many airbags, security control, catching brake control, electric adhesion control and anti-lock brakes, make it one of the valid ways to move, too.

Value for Money

Rolls Royce Ghost Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

Providing essentially all that the larger Phantom does but for £80,000 less could be thought a deal by some, but at £200,000, it’s all in-law. However, the Ghost is cheaper than its neighboring competitor too, the Bentley Mulsanne, while offering more power and using twenty percent less fuel.

Even the commonality can enjoy that sort of thing. As far as gear goes, if you don’t need it, it hasn’t got it. If you do, it’s already there. The best choice available is the starlight headliner, whichever is much more tasteful than it sounds.


Unlikely you’re disappointed in the Rolls Royce Ghost it is the press general agreement, as it is a fantastic device in virtually every area. You might feel jealousy if you ever pull the larger Phantom, but don’t take too much tension, as the Ghost is equal in every area except size.

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