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Road Trips America

Road Trips America

Road Trips America

Big Hawaii Islan America

In this beautiful world, everybody wants to see the beauty of the world, because the world is full of incredibly fabulous and strange places. If you decide a great summer trip with family or friends for great fun and exciting adventure, in this situation I suggest you take a road trip in this summer you must enjoy a lot it’s my promise! Road trips also refresh the body and mind from the stress of everybody life. If you live in America and don’t know when or where to go to see the beauty of the America it’s time over now. Let’s go with me and see a list of best road trips America that you will not want to miss them.

1# Alaska’s Seward Highway

Alaska’s Seward Highway America

This highway is starting in Anchorage; it is a 204 kilometers / 127 miles long road from sea to mountains and sea again. It overtakes the Kenai Peninsula, beginning in the town of Seward on Renaissance cove. It is the perfect place for waterfalls, blue glaciers, whales, sharp-toothed mountains, stormy ocean and calm trout ponds.

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2# Route 6A

6A Route America

If you start your journey on the route 6A Peninsula in Bourne and Blaze, through the town of Sandwich (Barnstable, Yarmouth, Dennis, Brewster and Orleans). You will spot sea captain houses that were built in the 18th century.

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3# Authentic Old West

Authentic Old West America

Authentic old west is a beautiful landscape with volcanoes, village straight, prairies and pioneer homesteads. This landscape has changed little since settlers; railroad workers and miners progressed along the Santa-Fe-Trail.

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4# Back Roads

Back Roads America

Back roads trip is a dramatic drive, 65 miles of a carnival ride. During this, way turn you to see the people selling the olives jars, tapenades, and olive oil. The tour drive is a breathtaking location to have a long, peaceful and calm trip with your better half.

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5# Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway Jail America

This road is best if you want to add a southern taste in and your trip, then, you head to the Appalachian Mountains for a tour along the Blue Ridge Parkway, a scenic purpose. This road drive linked with two national parks named National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains.

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6# Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii Islan America

Hawaii is a vast and beautiful landscape, and if you want to see the real beauty of this landscape than you take a round around it, you’ll soon immerse with it. It is full with loads of different features. In Hawaii, you can see a lava desert, farmland, active lava flows, jungles, cool highlands, warm beach and views of soaring mountains, as well as plunge valleys.

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7# The Black Hills of South Dakota

Black Hill America

Sothern corner of South Dakota is very immersing. Black Hills of South Dakota is prepared with abundant of wildlife and beauty, in addition to fabulous landscapes. It is epic. Filled with gorgeous scenes, you can see a remarkable attractive location to observe.

Black Hill Lake America

8# Brandywine Valley

Brandywine Valley America

Early 20th century travelers get a glimpse and Brandywine Valley trip is offers a taste of America upper crust. In this valley, you can see “The DuPont” which was built one of richest America’s families including gardens and ornate architecture.

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Brandywine Valley Dupont America

9# California’s Pacific Coast Highway

California’s Pacific Coast Highway America

If you are Anchor driving experience, then you must go California’s Pacific Coast Highway is much-designated road all another American way. On this road you look most epic and scenic views – the drive encompasses the Big Sur Coast Highway and the San Luis Obispo North Coast Byway.

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