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Rice and Fish

Rice and Fish


Rice is a type of meal that is eaten in every country. It is cooked with different methods. With the combination of rice with other eatable items like fish, chicken vegetables, and fruit will make a new dish. In the Europe countries, it cooked in milk, Rice Pudding or rice and fish and makes rice kheer as in Pakistan and India. In Bangladesh and Thailand rice as the main food. Rice is the most favorites dish in Kashmir.

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Types of the RiceRice Fish

  • Excl type in Pakistan is much like the old basmati.
  • China and Japan are obese, and stealth eats rice mostly.
  • Coconut and Walnuts Northeast Asia’s famous rice dish.
  • There is little difference in every area biryani.
  • Bombay biryani is made with mixed vegetables.
  • Iranian Biryani has its distinct flavor.
  • Both the chicken and goat meat biryani in Palestine is mixed.
  • Potatoes are put in Sindhi biryani.
  • In several countries of the Arab Palau, dry fruits are also added.

Nearly seven thousand different types of rice in the world are founded. More like rice is eaten in China. Vitamin B and other minerals are discarded when we washed the rice. The percentage of different minerals in rice like as water is 36% starches 0.897%, proteins 7.43%, fat 29%, and 7 percent Nitrogenous Substances. Rice is low in calories.

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There are 500 calories in one pound cooked rice, and four people can comfortably eat. The people of Bangladesh and Thailand’s leading food are rice. It is very light and easily digested diet. In Palau with the combination of pomegranate seeds. Rice are looked too much colorful like half of are red as rubies, half white and half are brown.

Health Benefits of Brown Rice

An organic cereal of rice has several layers. Only the outdoor coating, the hull, is removed to produce we says brown rice. This process is the, at least, is harmful to the nutritional value of the rice and save the unnecessary loss of foodstuff that occurs with more action. If brown rice is more to remove the bran and most of the germ layer, the result is white rice, but rice has lost many other nutrients.

Fish Palau Rice

Cooking Time:  One hour

Preparation Time: Fifteen minutes

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For People: Eight people


  • Fish: 1kg
  • Rice: 1kg
  • Salt:  taste
  • Yogurt:  ½ cup
  • Onion two contain
  • Tomato:  two contain
  • turmeric:  half teaspoon
  • Green pepper:  six  contain
  • Black paper:  half teaspoon
  • Curry leaves:  two contain
  • Nigella seeds: half teaspoon
  • White vinegar: 1 tablespoon
  • Mixed hot spices:  1 teaspoon
  • White cumin  the Fry: 1 teaspoon
  • Fenugreek Pixel:  Fourths teaspoon
  • Ginger Garlic crushed:  1 tablespoon
  • Withered coriander:  half tablespoon
  • Oil  for cooking

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  • The half pieces of fish mixed with vinegar, salt and lemon juice lay down for ten minutes.
  •  After that wash it with cold water:
  • In a small pot add oil and heat it on low high heat, then onion, garlic, ginger added and fry it. and then fenugreek seed, hot spicy, tomato, green chili, white vinegar, cumin, salt, Withered coriander, Curry leaves, turmeric are pure in the pot — after that put yogurt in the pot and fish also.
  • Now take out the fish from the pot.
  • Add the 8 cups water in the pot, when water boiled pure the rice in it.
  • When the water boiled decrease the heat, cover it with fish and simmer for 5 minutes.  After that you got tasty rice, serve with salad and enjoy!

Rice Fish

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