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Quinteros Beginning against Argentina and Bolivia is amazing

Quinteros Beginning against Argentina and Bolivia is amazing

Gustavo Domingo Quinteros Desabato is an earlier Argentine-Bolivian football guard and a football executive, now in charge of Ecuador national football team. His selection as Reinaldo Rueda’s successor came at the beginning of this year and was provoked by his success in becoming the first coach to win consecutive league titles with Emelec.

His duty of direction-finding La Tri to Russia 2018 starts in October and, as fate would have it, Ecuador’s opening two fixtures could not be more significant for the new man at the rudder.

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“Isn’t it amazing that I should have to start against Argentina and Bolivia?”

He tells, not capable of repressing a belly laugh at the fact that the match list for the forthcoming qualifying competition should pitch his new side against the country of his birth first of all and then against the nation he later selects to play for.

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Quinteros was born 50 years before in Argentina and learned all skills as the player and got the reputation as a steadfast centre-half in Bolivia. So he was very steadfast, and after taking out Bolivian nationality, he made a place in the Verde squad that emerged at USA 1994.Moreover, he made stronger his ties with the political team by taking charge of it among 2010 and 2012.

Considering his contradictory feelings Quinteros said:

“I’ve got a lot of affection for Bolivia and, as an Argentinian… facing Argentina… It’s a mix of emotions for me. I’ve always been an Argentinian football fan, and I always think about their qualification chances and whether they can win the World Cup or the Copa America.On the one hand, it’s fantastic to be facing them, and on the other it’s causing me a bit of distress, the fact that I’ll have to hear the national anthem from the other side, the people…”

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Bringing together his thoughts, he arranged to put the nature of his task into words:

 “You have to beat them and play better because you’ve put a team together and you’re a professional. I have to defend Ecuador 100 percent, though I don’t like doing it. I don’t like beating Argentina.”

The right blend

Dislike it or not, Quinteros has made a practice of making life terrible for the country of his nativity. Throughout his Bolivia residence he two times faced La Albiceleste in Argentina, keeping away from defeat on both occasions.

The first of those games was a 1-1 draw in the opening match of the 2011 Copa America, a scoreline Quinteros’ charges later on repeated in the qualifiers for Brazil 2014.

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“They were outstanding results for Bolivia and the team played very well,”

He explained.

We negated Messi and five or six others too. Messi’s the best of the lot, but Argentina has got a lot of other matchwinners and fantastic players too. They’re the best South American team of the last few years.”

We need to make ourselves strong in Quito, give as good as we get with everyone when we’re on the road and keep our intensity levels up for the whole 90 minutes.

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Ecuador head coach Gustavo Quinteros

Although Quinteros had a lot of time in which to prepare for those games – time that he made the most of – his arrangements for Ecuador’s trip to Buenos Aires on Thursday 8 October will be rather different, as he explained:

“We’ve got less time to work with now, but we’ve still got a strong team. Ecuador have some excellent players, and if we can be at our very best, then we’ve got a chance of coming away with a good result, and not just in Argentina, but anywhere.The key will be cutting off Argentina’s passing from the back and forcing them to mix it up a lot and hit long balls and then make them fight for the knockdowns,” he added,

Before making it clear that La Tri will not be sitting back waiting.

“We need to stick together as a unit but also make sure we do so far away from our area. If we let them bring the ball out nice and cleanly and get their passing game going, then they’re going to put a lot of dangerous attacks together.Any of their players could make life hard for us with a shot, a one-two or a pass, and we have to press them, stop them from playing and force them to make mistakes so we can capitalize whenever they give us a bit of space.”

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On the attack

That is the approach Ecuador will take in their nine away games although Quinteros and his training staff trust the key to getting the edge in a tight qualifying competition is their Quito form.

“We’ll be up against five powerhouses in the Qualifiers: Argentina and Brazil, because of their history and players, and Colombia, Uruguay and Chile, who’ve all had success in recent years,”

He explained.

As for us, we’re changing the way we play, and we need a fair amount of time to bring together everything that we want. We need to make ourselves strong in Quito, give as good as we get with everyone when we’re on the road and keep our intensity levels up for the whole 90 minutes.”

Following Ecuador’s incompatible Copa America showing, a tournament in which he trusts his side only began to play good football in their third match against Mexico, Quinteros knows what he wants from his players:

“We want to be a more attack-minded side, one that presses further up the pitch, gets a few players in the opposition box and takes risks. In short, we need to do all the things a team has to do when it’s at home.”

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Quinteros, who polished his footballing tastes in the duration of spells with Newell’s Old Boys and Argentinos Juniors, is persuaded he has the players to accomplish his aims:

“except 2010, Ecuador have maintained a pretty high standard. Some notable players left but then others came through, and the same thing’s happening again now with Enner Valencia, (Miller) Bolanos, (Angel) Mena and youngsters like (Juan) Cazares.Ecuador is engaged in a natural process of renewal, and we believe we can be competitive and fight for qualification again.”

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