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Quick Yummy and Healthy Pineapple Cream

Quick Yummy and Healthy Pineapple Cream

Quick Yummy and Healthy Pineapple Cream

Have you ever eaten this delicious and tasty recipe. If not just try it because it is very healthy and full of nutrients and vitamins. Infect a perfect sweet dish for you and guest serving. It is a perfect sweet dish for those who are pineapple and cream lovers. Its ingredients are very healthy and tasty, though provide you an enjoyable sweet taste what you like.

Pineapple is delightful and healthy fruit full of many nutrients, reduces stomach heat and make it cold. It is excellent eating in summer is very yummy and healthy food.

Here is the quick yummy and healthy pineapple cream recipe just for my sweet reader’s hope you will try and like it.

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  • Serves: 8 people
  • Maximum time: 15 minutes
  • Full of nutrients and minerals


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  • Pineapple tin one pack
  • Strawberry jelly one pack
  • Sabudana 2 spoon
  • Cream
  • Sugar as u like

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  • First of all boil water according to jelly pack, when your water is boiling add jelly pack into the water and, of course, your quick jelly bowl is ready put it in the refrigerator so as to freeze it for yummy taste just for 5 minutes. Be care it should be not extra soft.
  • Add pineapple tin water, sugar as you need, and cream, after it blends it just for 5 seconds, make a smooth paste.
  • Cook Sabu Dana smooth paste and when it is done add this simple past into pineapple cream paste.
  • Take your jelly cut into small pieces and add it to that paste.
  • Take remaining pineapple tin pack pieces and also add them into that paste.
  • You can also add extra milk cream according to your wish. It will increase its taste and become a powerful and healthy sweet dish for everyone.
  • When your bowl is ready, put it in the refrigerator at least for 2 hours and enjoy your delicious meal.
  • You can also add fruits of your choice for decoration and beauty.

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  • Precautions

  • Use only tin pack pineapple not as fruit.
  • Don’t blend your cream paste for a long time otherwise, it will not be eatable because of extra blending.
  • Be care full your jelly should not new freeze, and hard it should be soft and tasty.
  • When your bowl is ready, don’t additional freeze it just makes it chilly and crisp.

Enjoy your yummy sweet, simple and very easy recipe. Serve your guests. Did you like my tasty sweet recipe give me feedback if something is missing tell me? Do you have any delicious recipe to share?

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