Well, side dishes always make the main dish yummy and attractive to be eaten. These following dishes add charm to your dishes. They are healthy and perfect to be cook by any of the family members. The best point of these sides dishes is that that they can go with any main dish throughout the week. Here are the recipes for these healthy side dishes to make your dinner perfect. Here some full of vitamins healthy side dishes for dinner.

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Fresh Vegetables

Side Dishes

Fresh vegetables are a perfect combo as a side dish to the main one. You can apply different experiments to present them. You can display them raw, steam them or cut and decorate them in a variety of ways. Like, make a combination of green beans, carrots, bell peppers and sliced cucumbers. They are all yummy and perfect for kids as well.

Brown Rice

Side Dishes

Not to degrade the value of white rice but brown rice is more tastier, richer and full of fiber. White rice is good to eat, but it does not keep you full for a very long duration. Brown rice is low with the glycemic index which keeps you full for a longer length of time. In addition to all this, they are healthy and delicious side dish for dinner.

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Fresh Fruits

Side Dishes

Fruits can also be a perfect and healthy side dish. You can have pineapples, strawberries, watermelon and other different sweet fruit according to the taste of the family opposite to salty meats and dishes like this. Adding nuts to main dishes makes your dinner a perfect and healthy meat for everyone no matter to which age group you belong to.

Green Salad

Side Dishes

Green salads are always my favorite. Green vegetables are a great source of iron. All you need to do to makes the green salad for your family is to take a few veggies, cut them accordingly and throw them together in a green salad. Dicing tomatoes, beans, and cucumber is my favorite.

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Side Dishes

You can also like beans because they are also healthy to eat. Take them as a side dish in any form you prefer, either cooked or raw. They are full of proteins and fibers, so they have the ability to keep you full for a long time and on the other hand, gives you energy as well.

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Mashed Cauliflower

Side Dishes

Cauliflowers are blessed with fibers and have a low quantity on the glycemic index. You can also prefer them as they are healthy and delicious. They are perfect for an alternative to mashed potatoes. You can have an activity of judging your family that whether they can identify the difference between healthier mashed cauliflowers or mashed potatoes.

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