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Protein Facts For Kids and Adults

Protein Facts For Kids and Adults

Protein is very vital part of our body and protein facts for kids and adults are explore here. Protein facts also take a part in making...

Health is a priceless gift of God. You should appreciate it and care it. For a happy life, everybody should be healthy because happiness will be celebrated if you are healthy and have no significant health problems. If you have minor health issues you see, you can’t observe any joy as you want because your heart will never give you. Same as, you can take analysis your career life you will find same results. Be healthy is a formula of being happy and be a success. So, if you want to live a happy and prosperous life you should be healthy.

For the healthy body, you require many nutrients and care. Different nutrients you can get from various foods. I will explain all the foods and nutrients level that you will achieve from the foods. One of the necessary nutrients is the protein that I will explore now. Protein is needed to maintain and rebuild the body as well as its muscles, skin, bones and other tissues.

Other than that, protein facts also take a part in making the blood, immunity, nails, hairs and much more. For the needs mentioned above, we daily eat many foods and minerals and nuts, but we don’t know what food give us protein and how much. Due to that problem, I decide to write an article, which I describe, the amount of different foods and its protein levels. So, keep reading and find your health’s necessary foods and do your daily food part.

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Foods That Contain Complete Protein

Protein is made up of structure blocks called amino acids. Nine essential amino acids must be obsessive because they cannot be complete by the body. Protein is the basic need of our body and quickly gets it from the animal products, meat, fish, poultry, eggs and cheese including soy or tofu.

 What Makes Certain Proteins “high quality”?

As we know, protein has all vital amino acids, and you get all these amino acids from various animal foods. If you daily eat a balanced diet, it is easy to meet the daily necessity for protein. Protein facts play the major role in adult’s people life and also kids’ life.

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How Much Protein you Need daily?

For a young person, 0.8 grams protein is required for one-kilogram human body weight. If a female has 135 pounds or 61.4-kilogram weight, she needed 49 grams protein per day. If she is dieting or an amateur, this minimum necessity will increase.

A 170 pound or 77.2-kilogram weights have a 62 grams protein requirement per day. If he is dieting or athlete, he may require more protein per day. As a general rule of thumb, most adults need 50-65 grams protein per day.

Non-animal Source of Protein

I’m vegetarian and don’t like the meat and meat product. How I can get the Protein other than Meat. I can or never. There are many non-animal sources where you can find the protein.

However tofu and soy are best sources of high-quality protein, other foods having incomplete protein can merge to form whole proteins. By adding different foods to your daily diet plan, a vegetarian can easily maintain the protein balanced without meat products. This protein plan does necessitate planning.

In the earlier thought incomplete proteins needed to be inspired at the same meal to merge. It’s known that partial proteins can combine into complete proteins if inspired by 24 hours period.

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What are some sources of incomplete proteins?

There is some significant incomplete protein sources whole wheat pasta, whole grain rice, nut butter, whole grain bread, beans, peas, nuts, tofu, lentils, and crackers. If a person makes their meal with tofu, whole grain rice, and veggies they get the high-quality protein and balanced diet. If anybody combines pasta and legumes in meal – a complete protein can get from.

If anybody eats vegetables at lunch and wild rice at dinner, the both incomplete protein can combine into complete protein as they are being consumed in the same 24 hours.

How many grams of protein are in common foods?

1 oz. meat/fish/poultry: 7 grams protein

½ cup cottage cheese: 14 grams protein

1 cup milk: 8 grams protein

1 cup yogurt: 8 grams protein

1 oz. cheese: 7 grams protein

1 egg whole: 7 grams protein

2 eggs white: 7 grams protein

Plant Sources of Protein Serving Size Protein

4 oz. ½ cup tofu: 7 grams protein

½ cup legumes: 7 grams protein

2 T. Peanut butter: 7 grams Protein

¼ cups nuts: 8 grams protein

1 oz. Bread: 3 grams protein

1 oz. cereal: 3 grams protein

½ cup cooked vegetables or 1 cup raw: 2 grams protein

½ cup pasta: 3 grams protein

1/3 cup rice: 3 grams protein

1 cup soy milk: 7 grams protein

All This Protein In One Day


2 eggs in omelet – 14 grams

½ cup cooked broccoli, onions, and mushrooms in eggs – 2 grams

1-ounce cheese in eggs – 7 grams

1 slice whole wheat toast – 3 grams

Whipped butter – N/A


2 slices whole grain bread – 6 grams

3 ounces roast beef, turkey, and cheese – 21 grams

Lettuce/tomato slice – N/A

Small amount of mayonnaise – N/A


5 ounces broiled fish – 35 grams

1 cup steamed broccoli – 4 grams

2/3 cup brown rice – 6 grams

Fresh fruit cup – N/A

Bedtime snack:

2 ounces cereal – 6 grams

See Also

1 cup 1 percent milk – 8 grams

The total amount of protein – 112 grams.

Keep in mind that the average protein recommendation is about 60 grams protein per day.

If you are an animal product consumer, it is very easy to meet the 60-gram necessary.

What can daily protein consumption look like for a non-animal product eater?


1 cup steel cut oatmeal – 6 grams

Cinnamon – N/A

¼ cup nuts – 8

½ cup unsweetened soy milk – 3.5

Banana – N/A


1 cup brown rice – 9

Stir fry with ½ cup legumes – 3

1 cup cooked veggies – 6

½ cup tofu – 7

Olive oil – N/A


1 cup cooked whole wheat pasta – 6 grams

4 ounces tofu “meatballs” – 7 grams

Tomato sauce – N/A

2 cups tossed garden salad – 6 grams

Balsamic vinaigrette – N/A

Bedtime Snack:

2 ounces whole grain cereal – 6

1 cup unsweetened soy milk – 7

Total protein: 74.5 grams.

So, it can be observed that protein needs can be fitted by those who eat meat and pet products and those who do not eat meat. It takes some thought to making sure needs are met for vegans by the diet in small protein.

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