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Pregnancy Symptoms and Most Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms and Most Early Signs of Pregnancy

For healthy baby care is the necessary for pregnant women. Take a look through these most common symptoms and most early signs of pregnancy.

Do you know the very early signs and symptoms of pregnancy? While large number of women are not sure about the very initial signs of being pregnant, knowing them can help prevent any mishaps. Early time of pregnancy requires more care, so if you have no basic knowledge about it – you can face some problems so be careful. Everybody must read this post because it has a lot of informative information for you, that will help you in your pregnancy time period. For healthy baby and mother care is the necessary thing for pregnant women. Take a look through these most common symptoms and most early signs of pregnancy if you feel you might be pregnant.

Some Early Signs And Symptoms of Pregnancy

Tenderness: In the 1st week or the 2nd week you will feel your breasts getting tender. It’s the most important sign of pregnancy because it’s a bodily function that occurs in every woman who is pregnant. Your breasts can also feel a bit heavier than before to you as various hormonal changes take place during early days of pregnancy. This is one of the early signs of pregnancy 1st week.

Nausea: Feeling of vomiting which is also known as morning sickness is another early symptom of pregnancy. Although there are times when you will feel morning sickness naturally without even being pregnant, if its prolonged then there might be a chance of pregnancy and this is one of those very early signs of pregnancy in first 2 weeks.

Changes in Smell: Sensitivity of smell will increase in high amounts if you are pregnant. This symptom cannot be seen early but in three weeks it might show up creating nausea with any kind of smell. Even if it’s a perfume, you will feel the intense smell of it resulting in nausea and vomiting.

Urination: If you don’t have diabetes then you will feel the need of frequent urination. At night if you had to go to the bathroom two times, during pregnancy you will have to urinate several times. It’s another early symptom of pregnancy which shows in about two weeks. This can be one of the very early signs and symptoms of pregnancy before missed period.

Period: Menstruation or missing period is possibly almost the beginner’s way of knowing if you are pregnant or not. If you are not having your period on the desired time, if it’s late than normal time, you might run a quick pregnancy check as late or missed period is one of the ancient and most common signs of early pregnancy.

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Craving for Food: Being hungry may sound hilarious to you but even if you are amongst person who doesn’t eat very much, you will feel the craving for food. It’s a unique sign of pregnancy that differs in women. It’s also a cause of fatigue among pregnant women.

These symptoms are an indication towards early pregnancy. Each and every woman is different from each other and their body functions differently. Because of this variety, all women do not have same signs of early pregnancy. Hormonal imbalance may also create symptoms of early pregnancy which can cause a false alarm. There are several pregnancy strips on the market to give you a scientifically proven method of the pregnancy test. If any of the signs gives you a feeling of being pregnant you must contact a doctor in order to attain a safe pregnancy.

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