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Porsche Panamera Reviews 2016

Porsche Panamera Reviews 2016

Porsche Panamera Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

“The Porsche Panamera certainly isn’t a beauty, but it’s surprisingly good to drive for a luxury four-seater.”

Porsche could be examined for lacking a spirit of adventure when it comes to design, but its allegiance to presenting a fabulous driving expertise shines into with the Porsche Panamera.

Other than that, Porsche Panamera also offers cooperative buyers a vast amount of selection. It is accessible with two-or four-wheel four and with the whole thing from a 562bhp turbocharged V8 to diesel and hybrid power.

Furthermore, the brand’s first four-door car is popular with reviewers, who judge it highly for display, handling, and condition. Connecting the luxury of a fame saloon with the handling bravery and pace we’ve come to demand from the Stuttgart sports car company, the Panamera sway is one of the perfect cars on the order.


  • Beautifully finished interior
  • Huge performance, particularly Turbo models
  • Practical four-seater


  • Controversial design
  • Expensive to buy, petrol costly to run
  • Small and awkwardly shaped boot

On the Inside

Porsche Panamera Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

The most suitable word for the Porsche Panamera’s interior design is excellent. Their quality and materials build are right with the comfortable and spacious both front and back seats. By inadequate seating to two different seats in the back willingly than a bench, occupants get to adjust their place in a whole host of ways minutely.

It is also good at shutting out wind and road noise; — the V8 petrol engines sound sweet. Nevertheless, while the six-cylinder units in lesser petrol models and the diesel are all impressively quiet, they don’t have the same visual appeal. All of the Panamera’s seats offers excellent long-distance aid, yet keeps you tightly in place in recesses. However, there’s a flat stock of luggage space, at 445-litres.


Porsche has worked hard to make sure the Panamera supports the best Porsche civilization of handling and performance. By judging the testers reviews, they are succeeded. Handling is appreciated from all fractions, and the four-wheel drive in some models supplies a secure feeling, but some testers charge that it’s not the continuous drive train. Body control is excellent, though, and reviewers like the steering too.

Mostly seem that drive quality depends on wheel size. Larger wheel size can be uncomfortable, but even smaller ones can make the somewhat less smooth journey when setting in sportier modes. The Wind and road noise are terribly well cut off so you can drift along in stillness.


There are some diesel and petrol engine options, including V6 or V8 diesel, and V6 diesel or hybrid Panamera; you can pick anyone because their performance is typically reliable across the range. The V6 diesel and petrol engines are not slow, but they are not rigid 6.0s to 60mph so you may not desire to get too caught up in traffics light grand’s Prix with hot hatchbacks.

The Panamera V8 Turbo model engine – which comes with a hi-tech dynamic stopping system – is the best of the series. The GTS gets real accolades for its commonly aspirated V8, which “sounds terrific” and its harder split over the official S. The diesel isn’t entirely accessible, but all reviewers agree it’s the most practical Panamera in the range.

Safety and Reliability

Porsche Panamera Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

The Panamera hasn’t been crashing examined by self-governing safety body Euro NCAP, but it’s fair to expect that it wouldn’t do distressed.

Porsche fits the general security enhancing driver aids. Plus, there’s front, side and knee airbags for those in the front, and two extra that run the expansion of the car at window trim.

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The Turbo models add posterior side airbags while it’s unimportantly frustrating that you have to pay more for a closed blemish monitoring system and efficient braking, which Panamera you decide.

Value for Money

Porsche Panamera Reviews 2016 saloon is a very comfortable and easy seating car.

If we compare Panamera to conventional luxury cars including Mercedes S-Class and Audi A6, it looks over expensive – especially its hybrid model. We compare it to upmarket saloons then it seems better value. Anyway, value depends on your budget.

You will not get a discount, either but prices are more competitive when compared with BMW series and Maserati Quattroporte. Its servicing will be expensive, as well replacement tyres. But the hybrid will be inexpensive to tax, at least until 2017 when the rules are set to modify.


If you’re a Porsche fan, then the Panamera may be the car for you. It agilely winds up typical Porsche features in a four seat, four door package and, despite the looks is anything to an obtained taste, dodges you having to buy a Cayenne.

The Panamera also marks when it comes to security, as it highlights eight airbags, embracing a knee bag. There’s an ongoing foot-traveler safety sunbonnet, too.

The Panamera’s only problem is that there’s a large assortment of mainstream four-door competitors that offer just as fabulous car – maybe more – for less money.

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