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Most Populated Cities in the World 2016

Most Populated Cities in the World 2016

Most Populated Cities in the World 2015

Tokyo Japan Populated City

World Population growth rate is increased, due to the small rate of death and higher birth rate. On other hand growth rate is different from various countries. There is also a country like China is set a limit on some the child per family and Canada want just more people. The different countries just apply the various debating policies about population growth, because on the one hand increasing the rate of the population may be a source of success and prosperity, but, on the contrary, increasing population may be the cause of destruction. According to the USCB, the estimated living population on the earth is 7.290 billion, which is living in different countries and towns. Now a day’s countries are recognized by their cities and cities are gained more important like Tokyo, Paris, London, Beijing and UK, etc. All these cities have great facility and attraction for the whole world’s people, and that’s way people come here and settle. It is the primary major cause cities population increase. Let me now explain the 2016 most populated cities in the world list.

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1# Tokyo, Japan – Population, 37.2 Million

Tokyo Japan Top Populated City

The capital city of Japan is Tokyo; everybody has a dream to visit this city due its beauty Kawasaki, Sagamihara and Yokohama these metropolitan areas are including in administrative boundaries of Tokyo, making it most populous area of the world. It is the primary reason the Tokyo is obtained rank 1st in the list of most populated cities in the world, with 37,200,000 people. There is a little take a rain check seen in the population growth rate according to UN, but it will still most famous city in the world with 37 million people till 2030.

2# Jakarta, Indonesia – Population, 26.06 Million

Jakarta Populated City

Indonesia capital city Jakarta is stood 2nd in the world most populated cities list, containing 26.06 million populations and officially it is known as Special Capital Region of the Jakarta. It was established in the 4th century, and the territory has just come in and settles there, several civilizations ever since the 324AD. Jakarta is the nation’s economic center also, and it is the one of the cities having the fastest growth rate in the whole world.

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3# Seoul, South Korea – Population, 22.454 Million

Seoul, South Korea Populated City

Seoul is the largest city in the South Korea, and more than half of its populations have home there. It was established in the 17BC. It is just also home to approximately 600,000 of the International inhabitants. It is the one of the popular historical cities, boasts just around four of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Beside the Seoul has fourth highest GDP in this world.

4# Delhi, India – Population, 22.24 Million

Dehli India Populated City

In 1931 British was built it in the Northern part of India, now it is famous as the biggest city in India with the population of 22.24 million. It is also the capital city of India; New Delhi is just the nine districts of the whole Delhi. It is also known for the super consumer market.

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5# Shanghai, China – Population, 20.86 Million

Shanghai China Populated City

Shanghai was established in 960AD, now a day’s it is the most populous city in the China and also 5th most populated city in the world. Just now it is the busiest Container Port on the sphere and also well the thought-out financial center of the Asian Pacific state.

6# Manila, Philippines – Population, 20.76 Million

Manila, Philippines Populated City

Manila is the capital city of Philippines and also one of 16 cities that from Metro Manila, the national capital region of the Philippines. Only a few people are responsive of this actuality that the Manila is one of most populated cities on this earth.

7# Karachi, Pakistan – Population, 20.71 Million

Karachi, Pakistan Populated City

Karachi is the industrial center of Pakistan and famous due to the business. On another hand, we say that Karachi is the financial axle for the whole Pakistan. It is famous as the most crowded city of the Pakistan around 6000 people per square kilometer are lived. It is the capital of Sindh Province and the seaport of Pakistan. Massive voyage of employees to Karachi is increasing the population of the city regularly.

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8# New York, United States of America – Population, 20.464 Million

New York Populated City


New York is asserting as centered city of the cosmos; you can see its name in any global up-to-date list. It is also known by its various nicknamed like City, Center of Universe and Big Apple. As a Big Apple was just popularized in the 1920s by John J. Fitz Gerald, who just worn to be the sports writer for New York Morning Telegraph. A lot of businessmen and job searchers are gradually increasing its population rate.

9# Sao Paulo, Brazil – Population, 20.16 Million

Sao Paulo Populated City

Sao Paulo is not only the biggest city in South America only it is also the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere. In 1532 it was originated at the first Portuguese Colony in the New World, now just boasts somewhat large tourist magnetism as well as the Sao Paulo Museum of the Art, Brazil Grand Prix Formula 1 and the ATP Brazil Open Sao Paulo are in the middle of the many others.

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10# Mexico City, Mexico – Population, 19.463 Million

Mexico City Populated City

It is the capital city of Mexico and is also famous as a financial center for the North America. Aztec was built this city in 1325. But later on, 1521 during the siege of the Tenochtitlan, this city was almost destroyed. In 1924, Spanish was reconstructed and is just now formally become somewhat famous as the Ciudad de Mexico. In the whole world, Mexico is the 8th richest metropolitan city.

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