Baby has found on Monday in an unadorned crèche inside the Church of the Holy Child Jesus, a Catholic church in Queens, has no name. He is the insecure situation at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center on Wednesday, officials said. Formally, the baby is in the protection of the city’s Administration for Children’s Services, as is routine in such cases.

Detectives from the 102nd Precinct were reviewing surveillance video of a lady who, the police said, in secret left the boy in the church and gone. They were trying to retrace her steps, find her and speak to her. They said it was uncertain if she was the infant’s mother.

And recording from a camera at the church explain the same woman entering with the infant, the police said. Then it showed her leaving — this time without him.

It is not obvious how long the baby was left alone lying on a towel, his umbilical cord still attached. The videos were not time-stamped, the police said. But around one p.m., a parish maintenance worker, José Morán, returned from an hourlong lunch and heard the cries of a baby in the front of the nave. He initially thought there was probably a parent nearby.

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