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Plastic Surgery With Facial Implants May Benefit You

Plastic Surgery With Facial Implants May Benefit You

Facial implants bring a better and balanced structural appearance to your face. If you are bothered with a facial feature that mismatches your face, like the weak jaw, small chin, or lack of facial contour, consider getting it enhanced with facial implant surgical procedure. Plastic surgery with facial implants may be the best surgical procedure to benefit you.

What are Facial Implants?

Face Plastic SurgeryFacial implants used for facial enhancements are solid materials designed specifically to be compatible with the human body and to enhance or augment the physical structure of the face. The size of the implants, however, varies significantly, depending on the feature you wish to expand or enhance evaluation of your goal, and the judgment of your surgeon.

Although any area of the face can be augmented with facial implant surgery, chin, cheek, or jaw are most commonly implanted sites. While you consider the facial implant, it is recommended that you choose an expert plastic surgeon for performing the surgery. Experience and expertise of plastic surgeon are utmost important, see the board certification of the surgeon.

Also, ask questions regarding your concerns to see if the doctor and you are compatible to talk. Along with financial and family support, your surgeon will be the second shoulder to cry on, so make it worth the investment. For Facial implants in Atlanta visit Crispin Plastic Surgery Center, for doctors who are friendly and experienced in their fields.

Let’s briefly discuss the implants:

1. Chin Implant

Chin Letting through plastic surgeryChin implants reshape the chin by adding more length and projection, so it matches the mid-face and forehead and brings the entire face in proportion. Sometimes the chin is so recessed that it disappears into the neck, despite the fact that average weight of the individual to gives it a distinct look, chin implant takes place.

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2. Jaw Implant

Jaw Implant through plastic surgeryJaw implants enhance lower third of the face by increasing the width of this part of the face. A weak jaw that is not distinct from the neck and not well defined or slopes instead of angling from ear to chin is corrected with jaw implant. Facial imbalance can also be due to both jaw and chin.

3. Cheek Implant


Cheek implants enhance the projections of the cheekbones. This adds volume to the recessed and flat areas.

Are You a Suitable Candidate for Facial Implants?

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Plastic and cosmetic surgery of any kind are best performed on people who are in the best health condition and who have reached a mature adult age. You may be the best candidate for Facial implants if you:

  • Are physically in a good condition
  • Have an active approach and goals
  • Do not smoke, or even if you do, you will need to quit at least three months before the date. Smoking is not good, but for surgeries, it can hinder the healing process and can show poor results.
  • If your face has an area which according to you and your surgeon needs enhancement.

Facial Implant Results

Skin care problems

Although you will initially see facial implant results soon after the surgery, however swelling will be obscuring the clarity. Swelling will stay for few months and will gradually dissipate. The final results of facial implant surgery, however, are very durable but will become visible slowly. The initial phase will include discoloration, swelling, discomfort, and mood swings.

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Facial movements after the facial implant surgery will also be restricted for a while. Since the operation is successful, but good results are only guaranteed when an expert plastic surgeon performs your surgery. Optimal results might need more than a single surgical procedure. In either case, you will need to follow your doctor’s instructions very strictly and restrict your movement and diet intake according to the recommendations of your surgeon.

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