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One Moment is Only for Me

One Moment is Only for Me

Good, happy and leading your life happily. One moment is only to me is the fascinating topic.Writing my experience is becomes my favorite hobby now. I was thinking for some days that when I see my elder’s women like my mother, my aunties’ life that which moment is only for her especially after marriage. If you ask a man that which moment women spend only for her, then he quickly replied every minute is for her. But when you tell him the responsibilities of women then a list of responsibilities start and he became strange. Women cook the meal, manage children, home, husband, and job.  Yes, women have worked too much for other but have you think she does anything only for her. No, I believe she neglects her skin, hair, and diet. And with the passage of time, her skin becomes dull; hair becomes the rough and overall body; structure loses attraction. Is there any moment that she spends according to her style and wish.

Happy Moment

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I want to tell you about my mother; she has done all responsibilities of her home and children, and I always have complained to my mom why she does not care about her personality, why she does not go salon for beauty treatment or why she does not spend her life only for her. She always works for her children, husband. In this way, she is losing her beauty and attraction.

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I am not saying you that you leave your responsibilities I am just saying that give time yourself and groom yourself. If you are giving time to yourself, then you feel fresher, more confident and more charming. Change your lifestyle and feel the difference. Hare I want to ask how many of you give time to yourself, which moment you spend according to your way and wishes? Have you ever remembered which moment, which day, which week and which month is only for you? Today I will discuss how women can manage herself in a less time and maintain her personality with quick and easy tips that make your life more easy and straightforward.

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For Your Beauty

5 Reasons to Work Honey into Your Beauty Routine

One thing I want to tell you every tip is related to you beauty

If You Are Cooking

When you are cooking the meal if you apply this paste on your face then your skin remain fresh, and oil will be control and your pores remain same as before.

  • 1 spoon Flour
  • 1 spoon Gram flour
  • 1 spoon Peas flour (optional)
  • 2 spoons Milk

Mix all the ingredients and just apply this paste on your face before going to the kitchen.  After cooking meal wash your face, you will see that you skin remain fresh, and there is no any extra oil. You just have to apply this paste simply on your face.

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For Dull, Tan and Dry Skin

When you are making tea in the kitchen, just apply milk on your face and leave for some time.  When milk is dry, then take some salt and water and rub it on your face and gently exfoliate.  You will see that your skin is brightening, fresh and shining. It is a pure leather polish.  And your tea is also ready in that period.

Instant Skin Polish

Hare is a simple tip for you some time you have no time and want to clean your skin quickly then this tip is perfect for you. You need

  • Yogurt or milk cream or any lotion
  • Hydrogen peroxide few drops
  • Mix them and apply on your face and message for some time
  • After wash, you will see the difference

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Hair Serum

Few hacks for super straight hair

Your hair is dull, dry, and damage and you have no extra time to take care of your hair don’t worry I have a quick a tip for you

Mix them and apply on your hair after the wash. It makes your hair shiny and healthy. You have to use on all hair to the ends and see the result and share your experience.

For Beautiful Hands

Hands and Nail Care

Hands are the most important part of any women. She has to work many jobs with the help of hands, and you need a best moisturizing lotion or cream, but I have a simple remedy for you

  • 4 spoon Cucumber juice
  • 1 spoon Almond paste
  • 2 spoon turmeric

Mix all the ingredients and apply on your hands after work for 15 to 20 minutes.  You will see that your hands become so soft and beautiful.

Night Cream for Lifting

  • 1 spoon Beeswax
  • 3 tbs olive oil or almond oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil
  • 1 spoon glycerin
  • 1 spoon peach paste

Melt all the ingredients and add peach paste

Night Cream for Fairness

  • 1 spoon Beeswax
  • 3 tbs olive oil or almond oil
  • ½ teaspoon vitamin E oil
  • 1 spoon glycerin
  • 1 spoon grapes paste

Melt all the ingredients and mix grape paste. Use this cream at night.  Put this cream in the refrigerator. You can use this cream for 15 days.

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Quick makeup tips

A Girl With Different Makeup

Allah has made every woman so beautiful. Every face has something different and beautiful. So enhance your beauty with quick tips in less time.  First of all, when you start your day prepare yourself first with good makeup.  Choose a good quality brand for your makeup. For example, don’t buy hundreds of lipstick of cheap brand .it’s better that you buy only some lipstick of high-quality brand because a high-quality base has no need to touch up again and again and same as lipstick. Choose pink peaches lipstick light and dark shade for you.

Choose peach and pink shade to look younger and avoid brown and maroon shade as possible. Brown shade make your personality mature.  Try to avoid foundation if you have naturally shine and fresh skin.  If you are using foundation, then choose according to your skin tone.  Choose under eye concealer one shade darker than your foundation.

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Healthy Diet

Vegetables and Fruits

Take half cup juice of vegetables like cucumber, cabbage, Spanish or any other green vegetable. It makes your skin younger and glowing.

For Bone Care

  • Take turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Water

Cook all the ingredients for some time and drink this tea daily one cup.  Very useful for your bone make you fresher and relief all your bone.  Use brown rice and brown sugar in your diet.

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Daily Routine

  • Take a good and healthy breakfast which is full of vitamins and minerals, lunch also very essential and you should make light dinner because you have to sleep all night.
  • Take grill vegetable and sandwich in the dinner.
  • Don’t eat leftover meal of your children, and you can gain weight if you eat leftover meal of your children
  • Use yogurt and fresh salad in your diet
  • Take water before eating meal always
  • Make oatmeal in your diet
  • Use unrefined food in your diet like rice, flour

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In the end, I want to say that if you are doing for your family then gives time to yourself daily. Enhance and groom your personality.

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