Oman – The Country of Striking Sights!

Oman – The Country of Striking Sights!

Beauty has a place to stay…. That’s Oman. If it seems new to you then I can drop you there it’s an Arabian country spotted on the southeastern coast of Arabian Peninsula. This beauty shares its borders with Saudi Arabia to west, Yemen to the southwest and the United Arab Emirates to the northwest. It shares marine borders with Iran and Pakistan as well. According to UNDP (United Nations Development Program), Oman was declared as the most improved nation regarding development during previous 40 years. Nevertheless, it is also the 59th most peaceful country in the world, classified by Global Peace.

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If you are thinking to visit this country, then you will be interested to know that Oman has been named almost in every publications 2015 next big destinations list. Tourism here has been increased considerably and is expected to be the largest industry in the country. Muscat, the capital of Oman, was named as the second best city to be visited in the world in 2012 by a travel guide publisher Lonely Planet. Besides this, the country is religiously tolerant, peaceful and welcoming for countless places to visit!

Jebel Akhdar Villages

It is the mountain village of Oman. At an altitude of 2,000 meters, green mountains are widely spread with the cool climate in fact much cooler than the rest of Oman, With the pockets of ‘mini Edens’ growing exotic fruits on steeper terraced fields.

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Nizwa’s Livestock Market

A spectacular exhibition of cattle happens in Nizwa which not a single visitor of Oman should skip. Every morning on Friday, the ancient capital of Oman’s interior becomes a hive of activity because goats, sheep, and cattle are auctioned here depicting a great scene of excitement. Hundreds of local men join in their traditional dishdashas dress, along with brightly dressed ladies.

Nizwa livestock


Muscat is the most exciting and fascinating city of Arabian Peninsula as it was declared Arab city of culture in 2012. Solid rocks surrounded Muscat and pinned with two 16th century Portuguese fortresses. Museums located in old mansions and forts describe the history of Oman. The marble-clad Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque presents an excellent example of modern Islamic architecture. The chance to take a Dolphin watching cruise is hard to miss!

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Wadi Nakhr Gorge

Also known as “Grand Canyon” of Oman It cuts the chest of Jebel Shams, which is the highest mountain in country almost of 3,005m. It is probably considered the best off-road driving experience was providing stunning sights and a chance to capture some incredible shots.

The Frankincense Coast

It is located at some thousand kilometers towards the south of Muscat the southern Omani province of Dhofar is the home of frankincense. Its climate will surprise you as it catches the southwest monsoon which is entirely different from that of northern Oman. Between the months of July and early September, a season known as ‘khareef,’ transforms Dhofar miraculously into a land with green and lush pastures, flowing rivers and waterfalls. Unique from any other part of Arabia

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Omani Faces

Like the diversity of the environments in Oman, Omani people’s features also differ dramatically. The desert denizen features are quite different from those of mountain residents, and the elements of the urban inhabitants are different from those of remote villages, dependent on agriculture and livestock for their livelihood. A broad smile is in the Omani blood and their hospitality his calling you with their extended arms.

Musandam Fjords

One of the most empty and least developed areas in Oman, It is also known for its spectacular harsh mountains and fjord-like pinched valleys which lead the area to be called” The Norway of Arabia.” Great attractions of this fantastic place include swimming in crystal clear water and possibly the spotting dolphins, make this place unforgettable.

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