Woman Sues 12-Year-Old Nephew

In New York 54 years Woman Sues Against her 12 Year Nephew, the reason is compelling. His Name is San he hugs her auntie four years before in a birthday party. San was triumphal that his aunt came to his birthday party. He was very excited and hold her aunt Janifor in arms at once and loses his physical balance. Janifor’s arm broke down, this is the reason she takes legal action against her nephew she said I feel so pain in my arm, and I face a lot of difficulty in daily routine work, therefore, she wants to punish her nephew.

Why did she this?

Because she wants to take revenge of her pain which she has suffered.


At the ending in court, she said that there is no other reason to hug our relatives. Sometimes it is not good for us as it proved through my experience which I have described here.

My point of view

For my perspective women should not sue her nephew he should forgive her, after all, he is his nephew, not an unknown person.

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