Did you know nearly 15 % of people are totally obsessed with having a white skin and invest huge money in skin whitening treatments or products? This may not be the case in the western world, but Asian and African countries have a large market for cosmetics that promise to make the skin whiter. Beauty is skin deep! But not everyone seems to believe this. In the modern times to there are several societies that fail to look beyond one’s skin color. This applies indistinct when it comes to judging a beauty of a woman. In many cultures and corporations, women with fair or whiter skin are often regarded as beautiful. Women with dusky or darker skin, therefore, have a low confidence to appear in public. The cosmetic companies have taken advantage of this disparity and launched several skin whitening or fairness cream that claim to make the skin fairer in few weeks.

The most commonly used skin whitening products have bleaching agents that reduce the amount of melanin present in the skin. Apart from the bleaching agent, laser therapy or chemical peeling agents also cause effective skin whitening. However, these are relatively expensive and also need professional assistance. Several natural ingredients are known to show skin lightening effects.

This infographic lists different skin whitening agents that are used by people over the world. Read the advantages and disadvantages associated with each to decide what is right for you.

Skin Treatments