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Natural Home Remedies For Bad Breath

Natural Home Remedies For Bad Breath

A Sign of Bad Mouth Breath

Unpleasant mouth odor or smell or fragrance will make you uneasy and uncomfortable, especially when you are on a date, in a business meeting or a crowd, even it disturbs your social life. Bad breath or halitosis is a significant problem for many people from all over the world. Sometimes due to bad mouth odor (smell) you can lose your confidence to talk with others. Bad breath in children also very common.

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What Causes Bad Breath

Mouth Breath

There are many reasons of bad breath; I’ll describe some of them here:

  • Unbalanced Diet
  • Use of 
  • Use of Medicine
  • Bacterial infections on Tongue
  • Gum Disease
  • Extra Sleeping
  • Teeth Carelessness
  • xerostomia or dry mouth
  • Late night Working etc.

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Reasons of bad breath

These are the main factors of bad mouth odor, sometimes bad mouth odor is also signing of some serious disease like:

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Uses of some food is also cause of bad smell in mouth:

Onion and Garlic

Not punctual of brushing teeth is also the main reason of bad mouth odor. Everybody want fresh and sweet breath for this purpose they use different tips and mouthwashes.

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How to get rid of bad breath?

When we talk about how can you get rid of bad breath than you think, how to cure bad breath or how to treat bad breath with simple solutions. Here I’m going to describe how to cure bad breath or mouth odor, by using some tips and tricks with home made remedies and get some time for our self. Bad breath remedies are very straightforward and easy to use.

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Check your daily routine

Brush your teeth especially tongue twice a day. Many bacteria grow in the back of your tongue or between teeth, but a regular brush can kill those bacteria. Tiny food particles remain in the mouth that produces bacteria, and your breath becomes so smelly. Swish water in your mouth after every meal and many times in a day because a dry mouth is the house of bacteria.

Daily Brush

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Kitchen Ingredients to overcome bad mouth odor

Many ingredients that are available in your kitchen can be used to control bad breath; these things mostly used to overcome bad mouth odor.:

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Top 10 home Remedies for Bad Breath

1- Increase intake of water

One of the most common reasons of bad mouth odor is dehydration. We do not take enough water according to body requirements and, as a result, bacteria grow rapidly in our mouth. The tiny germs feed on that food partial that remains in our mouth after a meal. The substance called saliva kill the bacteria of your mouth naturally. For this process clean water is necessary a whole day, so you have to take lots of water and juice an entire day to handle this problem quickly.

Girl Drinking Water

2- Take fresh fruits and vegetable

You must make lots of fresh fruit and vegetables like carrot, cucumber, parsley, pineapple, banana, and apple in your daily routine. These fresh fruits and vegetable make your breath fresh.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetable

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3- Kitchen ingredients

All these components can readily avail in your kitchen that can control bad mouth odor:

  • Fennel seed uses to control bad mouth odor. Take one spoon of fennel seed and chew it after every meal that makes your breath fresher.
  • Cinnamon controls your bad mouth odor also overcome the growth of bacteria in saliva. Boil cinnamon powder in a cup of water. Use it as the mouthwash to refresh your breath.
  • Take some fenugreek seed boil in a cup of water. Drink this tea to refresh your mouth. This tea works best.
  • Put some gloves on your teeth. This remedy will control bad mouth odor.
  • You can also make clove tea by adding four cloves in a cup of water. Drink it after strain. It works as a mouth wash.
  • Mint leave and coriander also use to control bad breath. Chew some mint leave. It will refresh your breath.

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4- Take zinc in your diet

Deficiency of Zinc is also the primary cause of bad mouth smell. Increase the intake of food that are full of zinc like pumpkin, fish, wheat, spinach, nuts, cocoa, chocolate, beansand chicken.

You can take zinc supplement, some good quality mouth wash also have zinc that clean your mouth.

Mouth Wash

5- Lemon Juice

Lemon have the high acidic content prevents the growth of bacteria on your gums and tongue, Lemon enrich for vitamin C, take one teaspoon of lemon juice in a cup and add some water. Rinse your mouth thoroughly; you can add some salt to it and rinse your mouth before sleep, it will help to solve dry mouth, which is the primary cause for bad mouth smell.

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6- Baking Soda

This the best solution to overcome bad mouth breath

  • Brush your teeth with baking soda, you can also add baking soda to your past if it is not in its ingredients, it will help to overcome bad mouth breath, it will reduce acidity and bacteria from your mouth.
  • You can also add one teaspoon baking soda in a glass of warm water and gargle it before going to bed; it will reduce bad mouth breath.

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7- Tea Tree Oil

You can get many advantages from tea tree oil; it has some anticipation properties to act like magic. You can use tea tree oil in different ways.

  • Always choose toothpaste that has tea tree oil
  • Put 2-3 drops of tea tree oil on your toothpaste and brush your teeth regularly
  • You can also make your mouthwash, put an equal amount of tea tree oil, lemon juice, and peppermint oil and use this mouthwash daily.
  • You can also take green tea twice in a day; it’ll be fresh you, and make your health energetic as well as it’s good for overcome mouth bad breath.

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8- Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Apple cider is a great and powerful remedy to reduce bad mouth breath
  • Stir one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and you can also add some salt if you need it, and drink it before half an hour of your meal, it will help you to reduce digestion and cure bad mouth breath
  • Add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water and gargle it before going to bed.

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9- Probiotics

Bad breath causes of ill health. When you have some digestive problems, in this situation our stomach will increase toxins.

Bad breath may be caused due to poor gut health. The gastrointestinal tract will be filled with toxins, due to excessive usage of antibiotics and poor dietary habits. These practices will leave your digestive system in a mess, and bad breath may be caused as a side effect. Supplementing with foods that are rich in probiotics like yogurt, kombucha tea, and fermented sauerkraut is a natural remedy for eliminating bad breath.

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10- Cheese & Chocolate

Use cheese and chocolate in your food, and low-fat cheese has less oil, it will help to reduce plaque and control your bad mouth breath.


Bad Mouth Smell in Summarized Form:

By the above discussion on bad mouth smell, we can conclude it’s not a good thing for everyone in our social and business life, but we can totally overcome and get rid this bad thing for forever in our life by following tips and tricks. I hope you must have got a lot of knowledge and tips from my article, please share if with your friends, your love ones and also send your feedback, suggestions and your ideas and knowledge about it.

Thanks for everyone to read my article, keep in touch with me for more excellent and informative articles, see you next week.

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